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Which is a Better Speaker Under $500, Marshall or Harman Kardon?

Which one is more suitable for entry-level speakers, Marshall or Harman Kardon. On a budget of $500?

In fact, Marshall and Harman Kardon have quite a lot of models of speaker products. Judging from the popularity and word-of-mouth in the current market, there are the following models:

Harman Kardon:

1 Harman Kardon Music Glass 3
Reference price: $250
Harman Kardon Liuli III is a 2.0-channel desktop speaker. The advantage is that the integrated body is easy to place, especially for users who want to put it on the computer desktop. The integrated body requires space. Not that high.
The second is that there is a water ripple breathing light inside the transparent box. The light can change with the rhythm of the music, and the effect of creating an atmosphere is very good. For the young group, the appearance is very attractive.
In terms of hardware configuration, a 130mm, 100w subwoofer is built in, so the bass has a good sense of volume. If you usually like to listen to rock music, then it is indeed a good choice.
The medium and high frequencies are composed of six 40mm speakers, and the surround effect is still good.
But if you usually prefer to listen to soothing music, you should choose carefully because of the low-frequency advantages.

Harman Kardon Music Glass 3

2 Harman Kardon Music Crystal IV
Reference price: $300
Crystal IV is a 2.1-channel product with a split design. The biggest advantage of the split design is that the surround effect is better, and it is more suitable for playing games and watching movies.
However, the split cabinet is not very symmetrical when placed on the table, so it is not so beautiful. Of course, you can also purchase additional brackets to place it.
The main cabinet of Crystal Four has a built-in 5.25-inch subwoofer, and eight 1.4-inch mid-high frequency speakers are placed in the two satellite cabinets.
The price difference between Liuli 3 and Crystal 4 is about $60. If you like to listen to low-frequency ones and don’t have enough room to put them, it is recommended to choose the third generation. The effect of taking pictures is very good and the effect of creating an atmosphere is also great.

Harman Kardon Music Crystal IV


Reference price: $240
Speaker size: 3/4″ tweeter + 4″ woofer
Rated power: 30w+2*15w
Frequency response range: 50-2000hz
Bluetooth version: 5.0

Reference price: $430
Speaker size: 3/4 inch tweeter + 5.25 inch bass
Rated power: 50w+2*15w
Frequency response range: 50-2000hz
Bluetooth version: 5.0 aptx


Marshall started out with rock guitar speakers, so most of the products are 2.1-channel products, and they are basically all-in-one cabinets.
The best sellers of Marshall are ACTON 11 and STANMORE I1. From the hardware configuration, it is not difficult to see that the woofer of STANMORE 11 is larger in size and more powerful at the same time.
This means that its dynamic response will be better, and the Bluetooth uses a 5.0 aptx module. When connected to a mobile device, the audio transmission is more stable, and it can also transmit higher-definition audio.
But the price difference is still quite big, the former is $240, and the latter is $430, there is a price difference of nearly $200. If the sound quality is not so demanding, I personally think that ACTON I1 is enough to use.

So which one is more suitable, Harman Kardon or Marshall?


Analyze it from the following aspects:
If you like the sense of technology and atmosphere, choose Harman Kardon,
If you like the retro appearance design, choose the latter for sound quality. If you have a higher demand for low frequencies, choose the former. If you have higher requirements for vocal transparency, choose Marshall.
Finally, if you have the need to play games or watch movies, then it is recommended to choose Crystal Four. The split stereo surround is incomparable with the one-piece speaker.

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