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Which Brand of Bluetooth Speaker is Better, Marshall VS Bose

Which Brand of Bluetooth Speaker is Better, Marshall or Bose

The bluetooth speakers of Marshall and Bose are both distinctive. As for how to choose? Then we have to look at our purpose and what music we listen to more, whether to consider factors such as portability in it.

1: Marshall WOBURN II
Woburn Ⅱ is not only large in size among Marshall Bluetooth speakers, but also has a lot of power. It can also hold the scene in a room of about 100 square meters. The bass of this speaker is thick and very good, especially suitable for playing rock music and European and American pop music.
If you use it at home and prefer rock music, then this is a very good Bluetooth speaker that cannot be missed.

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker
Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

2: Bose SoundTouch 30 III
This Bluetooth speaker uses exclusive Bose® audio waveguide technology to deliver rich, powerful sound that can be heard anywhere in the room. The bass is really powerful, and the midrange is also full. Especially suitable for watching TV and listening to music at home.

: Marshall Kilburn II
The weight of Kilburn II is only 5 catties, and the overall design is made of black leather, which is very portable. At the same time, you can also manually adjust the treble and bass. Very suitable for listening to rock and pop music. It can play for more than 20 hours on a full charge. If you want to use it for travel and parties, it is very good to recommend this

4: Bose SoundLinkmini 2nd generation
Alloy material, frosted feel. Palm-sized speaker delivers rich, natural sound,
The characteristics are: small size, sufficient volume, good sound quality, fine workmanship
With 12 hours of playback battery life, it also has the function of hands-free calling
Especially suitable for listening to music, watching movies personally think it is not its strong point.

The above is a description of my personal feelings. You can choose the one that suits you according to your own usage.

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