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Top 10 Famous Audio Brands in the World

The world’s top ten famous audio brands, their creation time and their country introduction.

The world’s top ten famous audio brands mainly include: AVANCE from Denmark, KEF and Acoystic from the UK, ELAC from Germany, JBL from the United States, Zumbo from Denmark, Tianlang and ATC from the UK, as well as Dynaudio and Bowers & Wilkins. The following is a detailed introduction:

1 Bowers & Wilkins

Founded in the UK in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins is the world’s top old audio brand. John Bowers, one of the founders of the brand, adhered to his belief all his life-“loyalty to the true sound”, and made continuous efforts to pursue the faithful restoration of music throughout his life. In decades of development, Baohua Weijian has created generations of classic works, the highest peak of which is undoubtedly the Nautilus nautilus speaker born in 1993. The best speaker for the The evaluation of him in the circle is a representative of the classical voice, moderate and restrained, steady and accurate.

Known as the product of choice for nobles, it was founded in the UK in 1966 and is the world’s top audio brand;

The 800 series loudspeakers are B&W’s all-time representative works, which have been updated generation after generation. The overall design of the new 800 D4 series must be further improved on the basis of the previous generation 800 D3. I read the introduction sent by the official. 800 D4 still inherits the speaker unit used by 800 D3, and then continues to optimize the cabinet design, including acoustics and appearance. The purpose is to give customers visual and auditory Raise again.

Bowers & Wilkins

2 Dynaudio

Dynaudio is a loudspeaker brand established by Wilfried Ehrenholz in 1977. With its excellent product quality, it has been recognized in the international market and has become a leader among Danish audio brands;

Denmark’s top audiophile brand. Even if you don’t know much about audio, you must have heard of Dynaudio, a world-famous speaker manufacturing brand, because in addition to the design and manufacture of speaker units, Dynaudio is also involved in the manufacture of finished speakers. High brand reputation.

Dynaudio Dynaudio Xeo 2 Danish wireless HiFi audio system is the best wireless audio system I have ever heard, not one of them.



ATC was established in the UK in 1974 and is known as the benchmark product of the British audio brand, and it is also one of the most common audio products in the recording studio;

4 Tannoy speaker

In 1926, the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company was established in London. In March 1932, Guy R Fountain, the founder of the company, registered “Tianlang” as a trademark. “Tannoy” is an acronym for “tantalum alloy”. Fountain developed an AC power electrolytic rectifier made of tantalum and lead alloys, which was widely used to charge early radio batteries. Before long, Tannoy began manufacturing dynamic speakers with DC magnetization, and by the end of the 1930s it was also producing microphones and amplifiers.

5 Zunbao

Zunbao is a home design brand founded in Denmark in 1966; in the audio industry, Zunbao is considered to have a unique “Danish sound”. The best description of this kind of sound is: Zunbao’s sound has achieved the best balance in the three aspects of openness, clarity and coherence, as well as its adaptability to various types of music. Zunbao regards itself as a supplier of customized entertainment equipment for customers. Its mission is to bring the most unique and unforgettable sound experience into your home. Whether you are in the kitchen living room or on the roof balcony, whether you need a stereo or surround sound system, Jamo will provide a sound solution to meet your requirements.


JBL was founded in the United States in 1946. It mainly produced Speakers and Headphones; JBL Audio is the world’s largest professional speaker manufacturer. It was founded in the United States in 1946. Production and other complete industrial lines.

JBL has a wide range of audio services, including cinemas, large-scale audio engineering, large-scale touring performances, studio monitoring, etc. in the professional field. From the most advanced audiophiles to home theater combinations, JBL audio can be seen everywhere.



Founded in 1926, ELAC is a German audiophile brand headquartered in Kiel, a city in northern Germany. ELAC has started acoustic research and product development since 1908. Although it has experienced the destruction of war, the research has never stopped, from the earliest cartridges, radios and even today’s speakers. Exquisite and accurate timbre, surging energy, advanced technology, advanced materials and craftsmanship, rigorous quality, and Bauhaus minimalist design, these are the values that distinguish ELAC from other brands. For music lovers all over the world, ELAC represents German technology. All our products have undergone 100% rigorous testing before leaving the factory. ELAC is also the first speaker manufacturer in the world to pass the ISO 14001 certification.


8 Acoystic

Acoystic is an audio brand founded in London in 1987. It is also one of the most well-known old companies in the UK. This company is also the first music brand in the world to use aluminum-magnesium alloy to make diaphragms;


KEF was founded in the UK in 1961. It was founded by Raymond Cooke (1925–1995), the former director of engineering and technology department of the BBC Broadcasting Corporation, and his partners. Cooke’s founding goal is to create speakers with excellent sound quality that can faithfully and naturally reproduce the original recording. This goal is still the core spirit of the company. The biggest feature of KEF speakers is the coaxial unit technology.

The LS50 is a KEF home monitor speaker. In the 1960s, the LS3/5a monitor speaker jointly created by the British hall-level audio brand KEF and the British BBC Radio Station revolutionized the “BBC speaker” standard. This small monitor speaker, which was first used in the outdoor OB van of the BBC radio station, is unanimously praised by audio critics around the world for its sweet sound, good balance, unparalleled realism in replaying human voice and string music, and excellent sound field positioning. The quintessential small speaker and highly regarded by music lovers.


AVANCE was founded in 1973 by Poul Rossing (Paul Lesheng) in Holbeak, a coastal city in the Kingdom of Denmark, and developed into a world-renowned Hi-Fi brand in just a few years. AVANCE originated from Poul Rossing’s love of music. The most famous “audio godfather” in Europe today showed extraordinary interest and talent in audio in his youth. At the same time, he also has an extraordinary ability to comprehend music. When he was a student, he was a drummer in a local jazz band. This experience deeply influenced his subsequent design concepts and made the AVANCE brand last for more than 30 years.

These are the top ten leading audio brands in the world in my opinion, do you agree?

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