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The Difference Between Denon Home 350 Speakers VS Subwoofer

Denon, a name synonymous with professionalism in the audio industry, has a rich history of delivering top-tier audio solutions. From the classic DL-103 phono cartridge of the 1960s to the DN-2000F dual-deck DJ system of the 1990s, and now, the acclaimed Prime Go portable DJ all-in-one unit, Denon’s philosophy has consistently been about crafting professional-grade equipment for professionals. Recently, I had the opportunity to experience two of Denon’s audio offerings: the Denon Home 350 wireless home speaker and the Subwoofer. While not my first encounter with wireless home audio systems, these products stood out in various aspects.

System Overview:
Both the Denon Home 350 and the Subwoofer belong to the Denon Home wireless Hi-Fi speaker system lineup. Wireless audio playback has become incredibly convenient for households, whether for the convenience of digital content or the reduction of tangled wires. Having tried systems from different brands, I found Denon’s system to be the fastest to set up. Using the official HEOS app, connecting and configuring the two speakers was a breeze.

The design of both the Denon Home 350 and Subwoofer follows a minimalist Japanese-inspired aesthetic, with fabric covering most of their bodies. Aside from the worry of a curious cat mistaking them for scratching posts, these designs are easy to maintain and keep clean. Having previously used the Marshall Stanmore, I personally prefer Denon’s sleek design, which accumulates less dust. As an electronic music enthusiast, Denon’s appearance resonates with the style of music I enjoy.

Design and Controls:
The Denon Home 350 boasts a sleek elongated design with a considerable weight, featuring a handle at the back for easy carrying. The top control area employs a touch-sensitive interface that lights up when approached. This makes controlling volume and playback a seamless experience. The speaker provides an Aux In 3.5mm port and a USB port for direct music playback from storage devices, broadening its appeal.

Denon Home 350 Speakers

The Subwoofer, designed to complement the Denon Home 350, features wooden corner design for secure support. The absence of control buttons emphasizes its role as an integrated part of the wireless system, carrying the low-frequency elements.

Listening Experience:
Due to their distinct functionalities, let’s discuss the Denon Home 350 and Subwoofer separately.

The Denon Home 350 serves as the primary speaker for sound reproduction. It handles a wide range of audio decoding, from standard FLAC/WAV to DSD 64/128, offering versatile compatibility. Equipped with six amplifiers, including two 0.75-inch soft dome tweeters, two 2-inch midrange drivers, and two 6.5-inch front and rear bass reflex drivers, the speaker excels when placed against a wall to maximize bass impact. Whether it’s ambient melodies or pounding Drum&Bass beats, the Denon Home 350 shines. Compared to my experience with the Marshall Stanmore, Denon offers clearer resolution and more elastic bass, thanks to its rear-facing bass reflex units that expand the bass spectrum.


The Subwoofer effortlessly pairs with the Home 350 via the HEOS app, providing deep and resonant bass. Its secure wooden corner design ensures stability, and its vibrations can be mitigated with soundproofing material.

Denon’s wireless Hi-Fi system philosophy caters to a wide audience, offering excellent sound quality regardless of audiophile status. For me, detailed electronic music demands precision in sound reproduction, and Denon delivers on that front. The Denon Home 350 and Subwoofer duo embodies Denon’s commitment to professional audio and excellence, offering not just exceptional sound, but also a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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