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Sony WH-CH720N Review 

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

Sony WH-CH720N evaluation summary: light and easy to wear, noise reduction on the head, excellent cost performance

As one of the major manufacturers in the audio industry, Sony’s earphones are quite well-known in the audio circle and enthusiasts. For example, the flagship WH1000 series of headphones, the WF1000 series of in-ear “noise reduction beans” and the open Float Run series are all familiar trump cards. product.
However, Sony’s audio lineup is huge. In addition to positioning its flagship ace products, it also has many products for mainstream consumers to choose from, many of which not only cover a wider range of mainstream price points in terms of price, but also have their own unique products highlights. The new headset WH-CH720N launched by Sony not long ago is a very distinctive product – it aims at the “lightweight” feature while ensuring the basic performance, and is known as “Sony’s lightest”. headphones.
So, how do you feel about using the Sony WH-CH720N? What special experiences can it bring to mainstream users? Recently, this headset has arrived in the Audioreviewhub evaluation room. Let us lead you to have an in-depth experience of WH-CH720N.

Sony WH-CH720N is a headset. Lightweight and noise reduction are one of its two major features, but it also has a good performance in terms of sound, calls, and battery life. In order to fully experience all aspects of the headset’s functions, we conducted an in-depth evaluation of the headset according to the three levels of “unpacking”, “hands-on experience” and “data measurement”.

The main logical structure of this evaluation is as follows:

Sony WH-CH720N product unboxing

  • Packaging and Accessories
  • Appearance details

Sony WH-CH720N hands-on experience

  • Connection, Operation and App Experience
  • wearing feeling
  • listening experience
  • Noise canceling experience

Sony WH-CH720N data measurement

  • Measured weight
  • Charging and battery life
  • Wireless connection distance test

Sony WH-CH720N Product Unboxing

Packaging and accessories
Most of Sony’s different categories of products adopt a simple design style, and the packaging of WH-CH720N headphones is also consistent.

In terms of packaging, WH-CH720N adopts a rather unique design of “outer instructions + inner carton”. The inner carton is made of environmentally friendly wood-colored material without any information printed, and the outer instructions can be separated from the carton. It is very unique to adapt to the material needs of different markets.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

On the front of the package, there is a large product picture of the earphones, which shows the head-mounted form of the earphones. The trademark and product model WH-CH720N are marked in the upper left corner, and the four features of the product are marked in the lower left corner: 360 on-the-spot sound effects, drop-in noise, 35-hour battery life, and multipoint connectivity.

The control method of the headset and the main features of the product are mainly marked on the top of the back of the package, and the specifications and manufacturer information of the headset are on the bottom.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

It can be seen in the specification paragraph that the headset uses Bluetooth version 5.2. When the noise reduction is turned on, both wired and Bluetooth battery life is 35 hours; the headset manufacturer is Sony, produced in China, and the internal model is YY2966.

A list of the bottom of the WH-CH720N package, marked with product precautions and the serial number information of the headset.

It is worth noting that Sony also marked the relevant description of noise reduction on this side, pointing out that the noise reduction function is effective for low frequencies but not for high frequencies.

Open the package and take out all the items in the box as above. The Sony WH-CH720N packing list includes headphones, charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, reference guide and warranty card.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

The Sony WH-CH720N uses a Type-C interface for charging, so a USB-A to Type-C cable is included with the headset.

Headphone 3.5mm cable overview. Sony WH-CH720N can be connected to audio devices in two ways, wireless and wired. One end of the 3.5mm is L-shaped for easy cable management.

Appearance details

Back to the product. The overall appearance of the Sony WH-CH720N is shown in the picture above. The “black” color version of the earphones we got is dark black, and the main parts such as earmuffs and head beams are all matte. style”.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

A view of the inside of the earphones. The inner part of the earplugs that touches the skin is made of leather, which is soft to the touch. At the same time, the internal position is quite wide, leaving enough ear space.

A close-up view of the outside of the earcups. There is a pick-up microphone on the outside of the earmuffs on both sides to achieve sound noise reduction.

A closer look at the lower part of the left earcup. On the left earmuff of Sony WH-CH720N, a switch, Type-C charging interface and 3.5mm cable connection are set, which is in line with the cognition and usage habits of most users “the line is in the left ear”.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

A closer look at the lower part of the right earcup. At the lower part of the right earmuff, the volume button group and the NC/ANB (noise reduction mode switching) button are set.

A closer look at the connection between the headband and the earmuffs. Sony WH-CH720N uses a silent hinge at the connection between the head beam and the earmuffs, which reduces the noise generated by adjusting the head beam when wearing headphones.

In addition, L and R marks are set at the bottom of the head beams on both sides to facilitate the direction of the earphones.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

A close-up view of the head beam adjustment. The head beam adjuster of Sony WH-CH720N is located above the left and right sides of the head beam, and the adjustment is more intuitive.

A closer look inside the head beam. The position where the earphone head beam touches the head is also made of leather material similar to the earmuffs, which is quite soft to the touch.

In addition, the product parameter information is inscribed on the lower left side of the head beam. The parameter information can be seen, the internal model of WH-CH720N is YY2966, and the input voltage is 5V.

Sony WH-CH720N Product at a Glance.

Sony WH-CH720N Hands-on Experience

Connection, Operation and App Experience
Sony WH-CH720N is a headset that supports both wireless and wired connection modes. In the wired mode, you only need to use the attached 3.5mm cable to connect the headset and the audio source device. In the wireless connection mode, you need to first Connect and pair the headset with compatible devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

Audioreviewhub found in the experience that the wireless connection of the WH-CH720N is quite convenient. In the factory state, press and hold the “power button” to turn it on. After the indicator light flashes, it can be connected in the Bluetooth settings of mobile phones, tablets and other devices, which is quite convenient. .

In addition, as a product of Sony, WH-CH720N is also compatible with Sony’s “Headphones” App. If you download this App in your mobile phone first, you don’t need to enter the system settings yourself. Open the “Headphones” App and follow the prompts to complete it easily. connect.

After successfully pairing and connecting to the app, you can see the real-time battery status of the headset in the app, and perform in-depth customization operations such as noise reduction mode adjustment, NC button function setting, and automatic power-off time adjustment.

In terms of operation, through the button area at the lower part of the right earmuff, you can perform operations such as media control and phone calls.

Among them, the volume plus and minus keys are only used to adjust the volume, while the long button in the middle can be pressed different times or long-pressed to realize operations such as song switching, playback pause, etc., which is quite easy to use.

Wearing Feeling
Sony WH-CH720N is one of the characteristics of “comfortable wearing”, and it is also known as “Sony’s lightest headset”. Therefore, Audioreviewhub specially conducted a long-term experience on the wearing feeling of the headset.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

After trying it on by several editors in the Audioreviewhub evaluation room, I found that the Sony WH-CH720N has a very good wearing feeling, and it is extremely light and comfortable among the headphones.

First of all, although it is a headset, thanks to the lightweight structural design and material selection, the total weight of the WH-CH720N is quite light – when worn on the head, the head beam does not even need to touch the head, only the earmuffs It can support the weight of the entire earphone without being cumbersome.

Secondly, the soft material on the inner side of the earmuffs and the head beam also further slows down and disperses the pressure caused by the earphones on the skin, ensuring the comfort of wearing.

Thanks to the light weight of the whole machine, whether it is worn on the ear or taken off the earphones and hung around the neck, the WH-CH720N will not cause serious damage to the top of the head, ears or even the neck (when taken off and hung around the neck). High pressure, suitable for long-time wear; and light weight, with its simple design, it can also be used as a practical earphone and a trendy item for wearing all day.

Listening experience
Sony’s earphones have always been loved by audio enthusiasts for their excellent sound, and after Audioreviewhub wore the WH-CH720N to listen to various types of music, they found that the earphones for mainstream consumers also performed very well in terms of sound.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

In terms of overall sound, thanks to the built-in 30mm drive unit, the sound of WH-CH720N is quite full overall, and a lot of details in the audio can be fully restored.

In terms of tuning, the sound of WH-CH720N is very Sony-style – in the default mode, the tuning of the earphones is biased towards “authentic”, there is no special stylized tuning, I like “HiFi sense” and “monitoring sense” users should love it.

Of course, WH-CH720N targets the mainstream market. For mainstream users who like pop, rock and other music, it also provides rich and easy-to-use custom sound settings.

After connecting the headphones in the “Headphones” App, you can customize the EQ settings in the “Equalizer” section of the “Sound” tab in the App.

Audioreviewhub found that Sony provides a total of 8 preset equalizer settings for headphones, including original sound, treble boost, bass boost, cheerful, passionate, etc., which can be applied with a single tap. After listening to it, we found that for mainstream pop music users, “Excited” is a more common preset, which enhances the low frequency to a certain extent, making it more appealing whether listening to pop or rock.

In addition, Sony also provides usage suggestions for each custom mode, and users can also refer to them as appropriate according to what they want to listen to.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the WH-CH720N also supports Sony’s 360 live sound technology, which can be personalized for the user’s ear after taking the ear shape in the app and submitting it to the server for analysis.

After listening to the sample audio, we found that when the 360 live sound effect is turned on, the sound field of the headset will be significantly enhanced, bringing a stronger sense of presence and space.

However, currently there are relatively few Apps that support 360 Reality Sound, and Sony’s own services are the main ones. It is expected that 360 Reality Sound will be connected to more third-party services and Apps in the near future.

Noise canceling experience
Noise reduction is one of the two main features of the Sony WH-CH720N, so Audioreviewhub also conducted an in-depth experience of the noise reduction performance of the headphones.

After turning on the noise reduction mode of the headset through the “NC/AMB” button in the roadside, subway, office and other scenes, we found that under the default setting of the noise reduction mode, the WH-CH720N can greatly eliminate the low and medium frequency noise in the environment, such as , air conditioner operation sound, motor sound, etc.; and, although Sony “sincerely” stated on the outer packaging that “the effect of noise reduction on high frequencies is weak”, thanks to the head-mounted earmuff structure, the earphones can still shield certain Medium and high frequency noises, such as human voices, keyboard tapping, etc., help to quickly enter the state.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

In addition, in addition to the noise reduction mode, WH-CH720N also provides an “ambient sound” mode, which has an effect similar to the “transparent” mode in TWS headphones, which can collect and send the external sound of the earmuffs into the ear.

What’s more special is that through the “Ambient Sound Control” option in the App, you can adjust the intensity of the ambient sound from 20 levels to meet the needs of different scenarios.

However, Audioreviewhub also found that under the default settings, the “NC/AMB” button of the headset will only include “Noise Cancellation On” and “Noise Cancellation Off”, and does not include “Ambient Sound”, so I want to use and adjust the environment In the sound mode, you still need to enter the App to set it manually.

Sony WH-CH720N Data Measurement

Measured weight

Audioreviewhub used a high-precision scale to weigh the WH-CH720N and found that the total weight of the headset is 191.2g, which is quite light.

Lightweight and soft earmuffs and headband, daily wear of WH-CH720N will not bring pressure to the head, and can be worn for a long time.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

Charging and battery life

Audioreviewhub used a professional tester CHARGERLAB POWER-Z to charge the earphones and found that the wired charging power of the earphones is about 2.1W. In addition, the earphones support fast charging, and 3 minutes of charging time can provide 60 minutes of music playback time.

Sony WH-CH720N Review 

In terms of battery life, the Sony WH-CH720N can last up to 35 hours when noise reduction is turned on, and up to 50 hours when noise reduction is turned off, and it can also listen to music in wired mode after the battery is dead.

Wireless connection distance test
Sony WH-CH720N adopts Bluetooth 5.3 wireless technology, which has high stability and low power consumption wireless connection capability. In order to test the wireless connection distance of the headset, Audioreviewhub conducted a standardized wireless connection distance test. The specific content of the test is as follows.

Wireless connection distance test

We put an iPhone in a fixed position in the office (the right side of the floor plan), and play music on the phone, and then wear the Sony WH-CH720N connected to the iPhone and walk along the following four routes to test the stability of the wireless connection of the headset sex. in:

Route a: pass through the office area of colleagues, where there are a large number of wireless devices such as computers, mobile phones, and other wireless headsets working;

b route: through the partition wall and a transparent floor-to-ceiling glass;

c route: the path is close to a straight line, with fewer obstacles during the period;

Route d: passing through the reception room and negotiation area, there are sporadic obstacles during the period, but there is no electronic signal equipment.

According to the actual measurement, the four lines of the headset can maintain a stable connection from beginning to end, indicating that it has a strong wireless connection capability, and there is no need to worry about disconnection even in crowded public places such as subways during peak hours.

Device Compatibility Test

Audioreviewhub used four of the most representative mobile phones to connect to Sony WH-CH720N, and then tested the audio playback, media control, call control and other functions of the headset. The specific results of the test are as follows.

After testing, Audioreviewhub found that Sony WH-CH720N can achieve smooth linkage with four different brands and system headphones, and mainstream mobile phone users can use it with confidence.

However, since many advanced features and customization functions of the Sony WH-CH720N need to be set up and used on the supporting App, we recommend that users use this headset on iPhone and mainstream Android phones for a complete experience.

Audioreviewhub Summary
The audio giant Sony’s earphones have always been well-known, and its new headset WH-CH720N also left a deep impression on us in this evaluation.

Although the WH-CH720N is a headset positioned in the mainstream market, its comprehensive experience is still quite good – the basic hearing, charging, battery life and other performance of the headset have reached a high level, and the two highlights are “lightweight” and “Noise reduction” adds a lot of points to the earphones, and it is full of features, making the earphones stand out in its price range.

Therefore, if you like “lightweight” headphones, or a cost-effective user who prefers Sony’s sense of hearing, then you might as well consider getting Sony WH-CH720N.

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