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Woburn VS Stanmore,Which is Better to Buy Marshall Speakers

These two speakers of Marshall are very popular styles, no matter in terms of sound quality or appearance, they are irreplaceable. If you have to compare, I strongly recommend the second generation of stockmore. The appearance of this speaker is more retro, fashionable and recreational. The sound quality is also excellent, and it is more suitable for rock music. It is an indispensable weapon for many crazy fans of rock music. In terms of experience, it must be stronger. But in fact, which one to choose is not easy to write wrong. If you really want to choose a Bluetooth speaker and don’t know how to choose, then refer to the following aspects:

1, First look at the parameters
STANMORE II 4.65kg 300x195x185
WOBURN II 8.55kg 400x310x200
STANMORE II 1×5.25+2×0.75
WOBURN II 2×5.25+2×0.75
WOBURN II is provided with two phase ports 9 for enhancing the bass, and two 5.25-inch woofers 9 also make the bass dive deeper.

On power
STANMORE Il 1x50w+2x15w
WOBURN II 2x50w+2x15w
The greater the power, the better the dynamic and transient response.

Sound pressure
The sound pressure of the latter is greater, and when listening to music with a stronger sense of rhythm, you can feel the impact of the sound wave 9.

Frequency Range
STANMORE II 50hz-20000hz
WOBURN II 30hz-20000hza
The latter has slightly better bass dive


2 Other performance comparison
Sound quality: Of course, the most important thing about a speaker is its sound quality. Only with good sound quality can you feel the charm of Chinese language more strongly. I feel that the sound quality of Marshall STOCKWELLII is very good, and it is excellent in the processing of Chinese bass.

Battery life: battery life is also an important point in choosing speakers. If the battery life is short, you will be confused by the difficulty of battery charging, and you will not be able to play happily. In terms of battery life, Marshall (Marshall) STOCKWELLII is also very good. It can be used continuously for 20 hours, which is very sufficient.

Cool expected effect: The cool expected effect mainly refers to the cool presentation of music, which one will create a more passionate atmosphere when the lights are turned off. From this point of view, Marshall STOCKWELL II is also very worth buying. The cool sound effect is very good, and it is very suitable for carnival parties!


According to the comparison of several parameters listed by the Marshall wholesaler jiongyo above, the Marshall STOCKWELLII speaker is very, very worthy of everyone’s attention. Let me give you a detailed explanation of the Marshall speaker:

(1) Retro casual product modeling design, unusual product modeling design, using imitation leather texture, dark gray surface net, symbolic handwritten font logo and strong and sturdy wooden structure, every key link is exquisite, visual impact experience Works fine as expected.
(2) According to the room you are in, you can adjust the expected effect of the music you need, customize your special sound according to the app, and create a song atmosphere that belongs only to you.
(3) Super powerful sound quality effect, supporting high-quality audio components, and delivering clean and precise sound.

This speaker is very good both in appearance and sound quality, it is very worthy of everyone’s grasp, and friends who like it can also fully consider it!

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