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2023 Marshall Speaker Recommended Selection Guide

Brand introduction
Rock music lovers must know the brand Marshall, and almost all famous guitar players have used Marshall speakers. There are also some big names in the famous rock circle (such as: Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Eric Clapton, etc.) who have used Marshall speakers to create immortal music works.

Marshall speaker is a legend born in London, England in the 1960s. Now it is the world’s largest rock music speaker brand and is synonymous with rock and roll. Its guitar amplifier products have occupied the stages of major performance venues and music festivals, making Marshall’s logo deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Its retro shape has not changed since its birth, and the black leather with gold frame and logo is full of strong metallic taste. Whether it’s the appearance or the sound, it has a strong rock style.

Sound quality
Rock and roll is in Marshall’s DNA, successfully combining modern wireless technology with classic rock music. “Time” magazine once rated Marshall as “the best wireless speaker money can buy.”

Subwoofer, shocking sound, and strong sense of power are the biggest features of Marshall wireless speakers, which can play volumes unmatched by products of the same grade. Of course, this also meets the needs of rock music.

Listening to all the music is very restless, the kind of feeling that makes you excited and high. Of course, it is not suitable to listen to more peaceful music, such as listening to human voices will be very dry. Suitable for listening to music such as rock and electronic music, suitable for outdoor use and party use. Marshall can always surprise you.

Compared with Harman Kardon and BOSE Bluetooth speakers:
The quality of Harman Kardon and BOSE woofers is very good, and the bass dives deep, which is very high-end and enveloping. The mid-high and low-frequency transitions are more natural and peaceful, and the music appears more integrated and sounds more comfortable.

Marshall’s low-frequency dive is not so deep, but through the exclusive pressure line technology, the sound is processed more powerfully. And when the low volume is sufficient, the mid-high frequency is still clear. Compared with Harman Kardon and BOSE Bluetooth speakers, it has higher resolution, higher separation, and richer details, but it lacks coherence, is not natural and soft enough, and has a strong treble glitch.

Of course, no one is good or bad, if you like to listen to electronic rock music, if you like restlessness, choose Marshall. I like to listen to pop music and choose Harman Kardon and BOSE.

Shopping skills:

  1. Make sure to choose portable speakers, desktop speakers, and smart speakers.
    If there is a need for outdoor use, choose the portable speaker series.
    Choose the smart speaker series if you need smart voice.
    Otherwise, the desktop speaker series.
  2. After deciding which series, choose the most expensive one within the budget.
    Wireless speaker product categories:
    Desktop speakers: suitable for home use, and have better sound quality than portable speakers at the same price.
    Portable speaker: suitable for outdoor use, with functions such as waterproof and battery life.
    Smart speaker: suitable for home use, with smart voice function.
    Desktop speakers:
    It has been updated to the second generation, including ACTON, STANMORE and WOBURN. The volume and power increase sequentially, and the shape continues Marshall’s classic design. Imitation leather texture, silver-gray mesh surface, iconic handwritten logo, and solid wood frame together form the cabinet.

The whole series is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. In an ideal environment, the effective transmission distance can reach 10 meters.
You can adjust the sound you want through the treble, bass and volume knobs on the top panel, or through the Marshall APP.
You can experience analog audio by connecting a turntable or other sound source to the speakers via a 3.5mm or RCA audio jack.
Two Bluetooth playback devices can be connected.
All units are driven by independent Class D power amplifiers, which are more efficient and smaller than Class AB power amplifiers.
The Marshall APP can switch between stereo mode or ambient mode, adjust the brightness of the top LED indicator, wake up the speaker or put it in standby within seconds.
The wooden cabinet helps it emit a warm and natural sound, effectively improving the low frequency response efficiency of the bass reflex system.

The most compact member of Marshall’s range of desktop speakers, yet with incredible sonic performance.
The power is small, suitable for use in rooms less than 30 square meters.
Two 15W tweeters and one 30W woofer.
No aptX functionality.
There is no RCA audio interface.
Marshall ACTON II BLUETOOTH Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Home

The power is moderate, suitable for a room of 30-50 square meters.
Using aptX lossless Bluetooth audio coding technology, you can listen to lossless music.
Equipped with high-level audio components, two 15W tweeters and one 50W woofer. Clean and accurate sound is played even at maximum volume.
Compared with ACTON, the bass dive is deeper and more powerful and penetrating. Compared with WOBURN, the sound tuning is more balanced, delicate and listenable. It is the hottest product among Marshall wireless speakers.
Marshall STANMORE II BLUETOOTH Speaker Wireless Blue

As the flagship model of Marshall home speakers, it is the speaker with the largest volume and power.
Using aptX lossless Bluetooth audio coding technology, you can listen to lossless music.
The sound performance of Woburn is extremely powerful, with two 15W 1-inch tweeters and two 50W 5.25-inch woofers, with a frequency response of 30Hz-20kHz.
The low-frequency shock has the best sense of atmosphere, the mid-range is stable, and the treble is clear and bright. Among the three desktop speakers, it has the most powerful sense of shock. Spaces above 50 square meters are available.
Although the price of 4699 is more than 1k more than that of STANMORE, the overall sound quality has been greatly improved, and the cost performance is even higher.
If you like shocking sound or you are a fanatical rock lover, then this is the best for you.
Marshall WOBURN II BLUETOOTH Speaker Wireless Bluetooth

Convenience speaker
It has been updated to the second generation. The appearance is simpler than that of the first generation, with the gold trim removed, the iconic Marshall handwritten logo changed from gold to white, and the grille on the panel changed from fabric to metal. The knobs have increased damping, are tighter, and feel better.
Using the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology, the connection is more stable, and various devices can be connected within a transmission distance of 9 meters.
Bloomling surround sound technology adds a mid-range speaker behind the speaker to make the sound more three-dimensional.
Comes with a carrying strap inspired by guitar straps for easy portability. The inside is red, very nice, and has a rock and retro feel.
Embedded cabinet corner protectors prevent bumps and are more durable.
Two playback devices can be connected.
The desired sound can be adjusted by the Bass, Treble and Volume knobs on the top panel.
It can last for 20 hours. Through the power indicator light on the top panel of the speaker, you can grasp the power status of the speaker at any time.

Marshall’s new model is the most compact one among Marshall’s speakers. The gift machine weighs only 700g and can be carried anywhere.
The positioning is for users to use it outdoors, so the 3.5mm audio interface is canceled, and only the Bluetooth connection is retained.
The only PX7-level waterproof design among Marshall speakers can play in 1-meter-deep water for 30 minutes. Whether it is the seaside, the bathroom can be used.
Charge for 20 minutes and last for 5 hours. Charging for 3 hours, it can last for 20 hours.
Two-way frequency system, two 10W full frequency, two passive radiators, frequency response 60Hz-20kHz, although the power is a little lower, but the middle and low frequency is thick and full, still has the taste of rock.

Born for travel, with a net weight of 1.38kg, it can be carried anywhere.
Compared with EMBERTON, this bass reflex cabinet, independent 10W woofer, 5W tweeter, class D power amplifier, and Brumlin surround sound, the overall effect is better.
The PX4 waterproof design can withstand rain splashing from any direction.
Charge for 20 minutes and last for 6 hours. Charging for 5 hours, it can last for 20 hours.
Marshall STOCKWELL II Speaker Portable Wireless Bluetooth Home

Kilburn II:
The net weight is 2.5kg, and it works best in rooms with an area of 15-30 square meters, such as practice rooms and gyms.
Among the portable speakers, it is the only speaker that supports Qualcomm APT-X high-definition lossless audio coding transmission format. It is also one of the hottest selling portable speakers.
Two-way system, 15W treble, 25W bass, frequency response reaches 52Hz-20kHz.
IPX2 waterproof design, can prevent mild splashing water.
Charge for 20 minutes and last for 3 hours. Charging for 2.5 hours, it can last for 20 hours.
Although the power and price are similar to that of the Acton, in comparison, the overall sound quality of the Kilburn is worse than that of the Acton due to reasons such as battery life and sound modulation, and the Acton is more clear, transparent and powerful. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the desktop speaker series if there is no need for outdoor use.
Marshall Kilburn II Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Portable Outdoor

The flagship model among the portable speakers weighs 4.9kg, has the largest volume and the largest power. It can present a rock scene outdoors, and its power can be felt even at a distance of 10 meters. It is really born for the square.
It is equipped with a three-way frequency system, with 10W treble, 15W full frequency, and 40W bass three speakers on the front, and a 15W full frequency speaker on the back, with a frequency response of 40Hz-20kHz.
IPX2 waterproof design, can prevent mild splashing water.
Charge for 20 minutes and last for 4 hours. Charging for 2.5 hours, it can last for 20 hours.
Marshall (Marshall) TUFTON speaker portable portable rock wireless bluetooth

Smart speaker:
There is only one 30W full-range unit, mono. But still has the taste of Marshall’s traditional rock.
Bluetooth 4.2 version connection, WIFI connection.
Support Tencent Xiaowei voice assistant, Qplay (QQ Music APP) control.
Marshall UXBRIDGE VOICE Wireless Bluetooth Smart Voice A
It is basically the same as ACTON II and STANMORE II in terms of hardware parameters and sound quality.

Just added the following functionality:
WIFI connection.
Tencent Yunxiaowei voice assistant, control smart home.
QQ Music has a massive music library.
Two far-field acoustic noise-canceling microphones for intelligent voice recognition and noise cancellation. Pick up your voice commands even while playing music or in a corner of the room.
At the same time, the following functions are deleted:
APP control function.
Simultaneous connection of two devices.

Suggestions for purchase and use:
It is recommended to buy a higher-level one if you can buy a higher-level one. The sound quality of a higher-level one is much better, but the price is only a little more expensive, so the price/performance ratio is relatively high. The sound quality of WOBURN is twice as good as that of STANMORE, and it is only more than 1k more expensive, so this brand is the most expensive to buy within the budget.
The first generation of speakers has been discontinued long ago, and those who are not afraid of buying fakes can buy them.
The tuning of the speaker is basically the same as that of the series, with a larger amount of low frequency, which is suitable for those who like hard rock and metal music. If you need to adjust the volume and high and low frequency to adapt to more music, you can use the knob on the top of the speaker or MarshallBluetoothApp to adjust.
There are many counterfeit and fake products, it is recommended to choose Marshall official flagship store to buy.
There is no 3.5mm audio cable in the speaker, which needs to be purchased separately.

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