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Marshall VS Harman Kardon Speaker, Which One is Better

Marshall speaker or Harman Kardon, which one is better, which sound effect is better, the real evaluation of the two speakers

Many friends are asking which sound quality is better, Harman Kardon or Marshall?

I am a music enthusiast, I have one thing to say. They are all high-quality speakers, each with its own advantages. Let’s talk about Harman Kardon speakers and Marshall speakers respectively. You can choose what you need according to your preferences.

It is said that Harman Kardon is the Rolls-Royce of speakers. How should you choose between Crystal 3 and Crystal 4?

There are three main differences between these two speakers. First, the appearance is different. Crystal III is an integrated design. One bass unit and six mid-high units are concentrated in one box, which is simple and does not take up space. The crystal four is a split design, a subwoofer plus two left and right speakers, the sound field is wider, and the sound is more three-dimensional.

The second sense of hearing is different, they are all biased towards the bottom plate and bass, but the crystal four is a real stereo glass, the crystal three does have a better low frequency, but its high frequency is not as good as the crystal four, and the separation between vocals and low frequencies The pitch is not high enough, and the sound is a bit muffled. The sound quality of Crystal Four should be more balanced, but the low frequency should be restrained, and the resolution of human voice should be stronger. If you are very obsessed with low frequency, then Liulisan is indeed a good choice, and the price is very high.

The third lighting effect is different. The lighting effect of crystal three is the effect of water ripple breathing lamp, while the fourth crystal is a fixed indicator light.

Generally speaking, if you pursue the ultimate sound quality, choose Crystal IV, and for color control, choose Liuli III!

Many people are talking about Marshall, it has a rock pedigree, Marshall STANMORE II BLUETOOTH speaker 2nd generation, I think the cost performance is not bad, Marshall audio contains a lot of soul, the speaker has a retro appearance, the top is a kind of leather, brass metal buttons and Metal panel, very stylish.


I thought it was rock and roll, but I didn’t expect pop vocals to sound very clear. There are 6.7 modes to adjust the sound quality. The bass is enough for home use. It can be heard even in the largest villa building. The equalizer of the app is also very good. Use, there are presets for various types of music

The Bluetooth sound quality is also very good. I think the audio cable connection may be better. The bass is thick, the treble is full, and the rhythm is strong. The music with drums and guitars is particularly full and the drums are clear.

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