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MARSHALL Launched 3rd Generation of Home Bluetooth Speakers

The third generation of MARSHALL home speakers is back with a refreshed design. The new generation of products will bring a wider sound field than the previous generation, and the immersive listening experience will be further upgraded. 60 years of professional acoustics, coupled with the brand’s iconic design, make the new generation of products show extraordinary personality in any scene.

The new generation of Acton, Stanmore and Woburn loudspeakers feature outwardly tilted tweeters and a new version of the waveguide to create consistently rich sound quality and a wide soundstage. The overall sound is balanced, the treble is crisp and loud, and the bass is relaxed. 60 years of acoustic experience combined with future-proof technology for outstanding sound quality and listening experience.

Wider stereo field

Featuring a wider soundstage, the new home speaker series has been redesigned to continue Marshall’s signature sound quality for a more immersive listening experience. The third-generation home speaker is equipped with an outwardly inclined tweeter and a new waveguide, which brings rich sound quality and a wide sound field, making music feel full of space in any scene. The new sound field adjustment design can reduce the impact of the surrounding reflections on the sound effect. Built-in dynamic loudness helps adjust the tonal balance of the sound, ensuring great sound quality at all volume levels.

Pair, play and turn up the volume

The control design of the third-generation home speakers is simple and intuitive, and you can directly pair and play without complicated settings. Controls are included on the speaker, including controls such as a Bluetooth pairing button, power switch, bass and treble controls, so you can easily control your music without using electronics.

Next-generation Bluetooth technology

These three MARSHALL speakers are ready to adapt to the future Bluetooth technology, and can integrate relevant functions at any time after the launch of the new generation of Bluetooth. Online (OTA) upgrades via the APP ensure that the speaker is always equipped with the latest software and features. This future-proof technology maximizes audio quality while increasing streaming range and improving audio sync for a dramatic boost in connection performance while you’re watching video. When this new generation of Bluetooth technology is released, users who own MARSHALL’s third-generation home speakers are equivalent to owning products with the latest technology.

Distinctive classic design

MARSHALL has given its iconic range of rock home speakers a clean look with a distinct personality. Its classic design makes it stand out from the crowd. Iconic details such as the handwritten MARSHALL LOGO and brass control knobs on the speaker echo the brand’s rock heritage. The retro finish and the metal mesh complement each other to meet the collocation needs of different places. Each speaker is equipped with a multi-directional control knob and a classic power switch, paying homage to the classic design elements of Marshall stage speakers.

greener construction

The newly launched home speaker products take music as the core and environmental protection as the purpose, and practice a more sustainable design concept. All three speakers feature PVC-free construction that includes 70% recycled plastic and vegan materials. MARSHALL is committed to making a positive impact on the world and continues to create more durable, greener products.

Control and Connection

The new generation of Bluetooth 5.2 technology and 3.5mm input terminal make the connection and operation of the speaker simple and convenient, and the user can easily start the listening experience. Download and connect the MARSHALL BLUETOOTH APP for advanced settings and online (OTA) upgrades.

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