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Marshall Emberton II Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Marshall, a classic British rock legend speaker brand, is known to everyone in the rock circle, and it has another more down-to-earth name-Ma Shao. The distinctive tone and outstanding quality of its guitar amplifier products have been favored by many guitar masters including Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.


Not long ago, the editor reviewed Marshall’s Woburn III home speakers and Minor III semi-in-ear true wireless headphones. Interested friends can click on the link to jump to read. This article will introduce another member of the Marshall family – Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker.

Although it is both a speaker, it is different from Woburn III’s home use scene positioning. Emberton II is mainly used in outdoor portable scenes, so it has a more compact size and supports IP67 dustproof and waterproof functions necessary for outdoor scenes. In addition, there are Significantly upgraded 30-hour battery life, Stack mode and other highlights. How does the miniature perform? Without further ado, let’s go directly to the detailed user experience introduction.

1 Unboxing of Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker

The outer packaging of Marshall Emberton II follows Marshall’s low-key and generous design style. The front of the box shows the appearance of the product in a large area. The upper left corner shows the product’s support for 30+ hours of battery life. The lower left corner is the product model Emberton II, and the lower right corner is the most iconic handwritten Marshall logo.

The text on the back of the box shows the highlights of the product, which are: Marshall’s iconic tuning, 30+ hours of battery life, Stack mode, IP67 dustproof and waterproof, Bluetooth 5.1, and made of 50% recycled plastic.

The right side of the box introduces the relevant information of the product in multiple languages. The relevant parameters of the product include: input power: 5V/3A, weight: 0.7kg, size: 6816076mm; packing list: speaker x 1, manual and Safety guide × 1, USB-C charging cable; application software: Marshall Bluetooth; product color: black gold.

On the left is a schematic diagram of the product supporting the waterproof function. It should be pointed out here that the protection level of Emberton II has been upgraded from IPX7 waterproof of the first generation to IP67 dustproof and waterproof.

The list of items in the package is consistent with the description in the packing list.

A list of USB A to Type-C charging cables that come with the product, the length of which meets the needs of small-scale mobility.

The injection molding of the interface on both sides adopts twill design to increase friction, and at the same time, the wire body is also strengthened, so it is not easy to get off the wire.

Looking at the front of the speaker, the Emberton II continues the design style of the Emberton series. The whole is still a neat cuboid with rounded corners. The brand logo in the center adopts black and gold color scheme, which is particularly eye-catching.

Closely observe the metal grille on the front of the speaker, full of power.

The metal mesh cover on the back is extremely simple.

On the right is the Type-C charging port.

The bottom is product-related information, mainly including: Model: Emberton II, input power: 5V⎓3A.

Looking closely at the bottom, the raised portion protects the case from abrasion.

All buttons and indicators are concentrated on the top of the speaker.

On the left is the Bluetooth pairing button and indicator light.

Closer observation, the ring pattern of the pairing button is clearly visible, and the Bluetooth indicator is red when it is on.

The gold button placed in the center is a multi-function button that integrates all media controls: long press for power on/off; single click for play/pause; push in the designated direction for volume adjustment/up and down song switching.

Observing the multi-function buttons at close range, the workmanship is very exquisite.

On the right is the power indicator light.

The power indicator light is also red when it is on, and there are 10 grids in total.

Marshall Emberton II appearance at a glance, the overall texture is very textured, and the lychee leather texture that returns to the traditional Marshall guitar amplifier is particularly delicate. What needs to be explained here is that, considering the outdoor use scenario, this layer of silicone shell is detachable. You only need to remove the shell when cleaning, and fix it according to the position of the buckle when restoring.

It can be matched well if placed at will, without being obtrusive.

The color is very versatile, you can’t go wrong with it anywhere.

Compared with the palm of an adult male, the Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker is relatively small and compact, and will not take up too much space when carried.

The grip of the lychee leather texture is very delicate, and at the same time enhances the anti-slip effect. It feels hefty in one hand without feeling overly heavy.

According to the actual measurement by the editor, the overall weight of Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker is about 675.4g.

The editor uses CHARGERLAB POWER-Z KM002C to conduct a wired charging test on Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker, and the charging power is about 9.3W. In addition, the battery life of Marshall Emberton II has been increased from 20 hours of the previous generation to 30 hours. At the same time, it supports fast charging mode. It can last for 4 hours after charging for 20 minutes. The battery life performance and charging capacity are impressive enough.

2 Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker Experience Evaluation

In the following content, we will introduce the actual experience of Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker in detail from the aspects of interactive experience, music experience and related tests.

interactive experience

When connecting, just select Emberton II in the device list of the mobile phone’s Bluetooth settings to quickly pair.

At the same time, Marshall provides an official APP, and users can download and install it by searching for “Marshall Bluetooth” in major app stores. After connecting the device, the main interface of the APP will display the corresponding product picture and its battery level, and provide functions such as changing EQ presets and viewing Stack Mode instructions.

Let’s talk about the Stack mode first, which is a new function of the second generation, providing users with another way to listen to music: it supports multiple Emberton II combined connections, and can also be used with its own little brother Willen to achieve a strong alliance to provide The louder sound volume and wider sound field allow users to gain a sense of presence.

Marshall Emberton II has three built-in preset EQs:

Marshall——The brand new fine-tuned iconic sound effect, the default setting, meets most of the daily listening needs;

Boost – Enhances the bass and treble to make the sound more powerful and more suitable for scenes such as outdoors or parties. Especially in Stack mode, connecting multiple devices can provide greater volume and wider coverage;

Voice – Enhance the midrange, and the sound quality is clearer when listening to voice, mainly for scenarios such as calls or meetings.

Music experience

Before the audition, let me briefly introduce the configuration specifications: Marshall Emberton II is equipped with two 10W Class D power amplifiers, two 2-inch 10W full-range drive units and two passive radiators, the frequency response range is 60Hz-20KHz, and it is equipped with With Marshall’s exclusive stereo technology, and supports Bluetooth 5.1, the connection stability is guaranteed.

It is worth pointing out here that Emberton II has sound units on both sides, so there is no need to ask questions about the front and back when listening to music. Another advantage of this design is that when there are many people, the Emberton II can be used Put it in the center of the crowd, let the 360° full-coverage music take care of everyone.

In the audition session, Marshall’s best rock music is naturally indispensable. We mainly chose the songs of the legendary rock band AC/DC for audition: In “Shoot To Thrill”, Angus Young’s whole soaring guitar hurricane seems to be right in front of us. Arouse the excitement of the listener; in “Highway To Hell”, the layers are stacked and divided clearly, and each instrument is completed in one go without muddling, and Marshall Emberton II has mastered it perfectly. After listening to it, we fully felt that the sound of Marshall Emberton II is not only loud and shocking, but also clear and rich in layers. The excellent listening experience combined with all these advantages left us an indelible deep impression .

In addition, we also listened to many songs in “Summer of the Band”. Marshall Emberton II lived up to expectations and interpreted what is called “Live House that can be carried in your pocket”: with it, you seem to be no longer just separated from the screen Watch the live performances of various bands, but go to the rock stage in person, and truly feel the most original and authentic music charm.

Connection distance test
When testing the effective connection distance of Marshall Emberton II, the connected mobile phone is placed in a fixed position in the editorial department, and then the speaker is moved to a different position, and the length and distance of different positions are measured by Apple’s rangefinder to measure the distance. test.

Route a, passing through the office area of colleagues, computers, printers and other equipment are working.

Route b passes through a partition wall and a transparent floor-to-ceiling glass.

The c route is a straight line without obstacles.

Route d, passing through the reception room and negotiation area, there are scattered obstacles but no electronic signal equipment.

In the measured four-point position, the Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker is stably connected to the mobile phone within a distance of 10 meters; on the c-route without obstacles, the speaker is 11 meters away from the mobile phone and the connection starts to be intermittent.

compatibility test
The editor uses 6 mobile phones to conduct connection compatibility tests with Marshall Emberton II. The mobile phones used are: iPhone 13 Pro, Huawei Mate 30, Xiaomi 11 Pro, Black Shark 5 Pro, Meizu 18 Pro and OPPO Reno. The equipment includes the latest models and mainstream models, and the system covers iOS, Android and Hongmeng platforms.

The test data is shown in the figure. Through the test results of several products in the figure, it can be seen that Marshall Emberton II can be well connected with mainstream mobile phones in the market and provide a stable user experience.

3, The editor’s summary

Even now that he is “in his sixtieth year”, Marshall is still like a young man full of enthusiasm. He is not afraid of the long years, and carefully tailors the most suitable products for every rock-loving musician and fan, so that the golden signature of the Marshall brand will last forever. Fresh. Perhaps this is the power of music.

At the end of the article, let’s review the highlights of Marshall Emberton II: unique classic appearance, Marshall’s iconic sound quality, dustproof and waterproof functions that are not afraid of wind and rain, 30+ hours of long battery life, full playability Stack mode, etc. , and more.

When Marshall faced the composition topic of portable single product, relying on his deep understanding of music and precise insight into consumers, he handed over a satisfactory and excellent answer sheet. Whether you are a literary youth who is looking for a retro trend, or an outdoor enthusiast who is keen to explore the world, Marshall Emberton II can be said to be an unmistakable choice when purchasing speaker products.

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