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How to Choose JBL Products in Different Price Ranges

1 How to choose JBL products in the price range of 25-70 US dollars

There are two series of products in this price range, 1 is the two series of music gold bricks JBLGO; 2 is the two products of the portable music box jBL CLIP series.

GO series
Music BRIC 2 and Music BRIC 3:
3 is an upgraded version of 2. These two speakers are small square speakers with more than 10 colors to choose from. The main focus is on young people, full of youthful personality. The difference is:
In appearance, 2 is more square, and 3 is more rounded.
In terms of sound quality, the 3 is better. The 5w speaker has a wider frequency response range, and the bass dive can reach 110hz. 2 is a 4.3w full-range speaker, the bass dives to 170hz. The signal-to-noise ratio of the above 3 is also better, the value is 85db, and it has professional tuning by Golden Ears.
In terms of use function, 3 supports IP67 level dustproof and waterproof, and 2 only supports ipx7 level waterproof. Compared with outdoor use, 3 has better environmental adaptability, and is better able to deal with dust and seaside conditions.
Bluetooth version 3 above uses version 5.1, and version 2 uses version 4.1. From the perspective of transmission efficiency and stability, 3 performs better.
However, in terms of price, 2 will be slightly cheaper, if you choose:

JBL GO2 Speaker

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If the price difference is not too big, I suggest to choose go3.
If you want some smart features, go smart 2.
This smart2 is an upgraded model of 2, and other configurations remain unchanged, that is, dual microphones are added for radio, and intelligent voice control is added at the same time. It is a product in cooperation with Tencent. It is equivalent to a smart speaker with a battery in the city. Although Tencent’s ability to smart speakers is not very good, there is no reserve support behind controlling smart homes. Therefore, as a smart speaker, the price of this speaker is not as good as that of Xiao Ai, and Xiaodu is cost-effective. However, if it is to add a smart function at the same price, it is still worth starting.

CHIP series

There are several products 2, 3, and 4 in the CHIP series. In fact, you can choose from 3 and 4. These two speakers are more suitable for outdoor scenes such as cycling and mountain climbing, where the speakers cannot be held in the hand and need to be hung on the body. There are hooks, and the main thing is ultra-portable.
In addition to the different appearance, this face product also has differences in dustproof and waterproof, Bluetooth version, and sound quality. However, they are available in multiple colors, as youthful as the go series.

The Bluetooth version of 4 is higher than 5.1, which supports 67 levels of dust and water resistance. 3 is the Bluetooth version of version 4.1, which only supports level 7 waterproofing. Therefore, the outdoor function line and transmission efficiency of 4 must be better.
The loudspeaker power 4 is higher, the signal-to-noise ratio is higher, and there is professional tuning by Golden Ears, so the sound will be better,
But still the same sentence, if the price is not much different, 4 is more cost-effective.

2 How to choose JBL products in the price range of 70-150 US dollars

There is a wearable device, JBL SOUND GEAR, which is a private speaker, which can be used as a relatively loud earphone product, which can make calls and listen to songs. This supports linking 2 devices at the same time.

CHIP series
The price difference between the 5 and 6 of the two flip series products is still relatively large, and the price difference is nearly half, so the price/performance ratio of the 5 must be higher. Functionality and sound quality are definitely better than 6.

The speakers of this series are no longer the small speakers above. Although they are also Bluetooth portable speakers with batteries, they are more suitable for fixed activities. Home use, picnic use, outdoor party use.

In fact, it is the same as the clip and go series above, and they are all added to the previous 6.

Speaker 6 is a 30w dual-frequency speaker, and speaker 5 is a 20w full-range speaker. 6 is better in sound quality
In terms of function, 6 is the Bluetooth version of 5.1, and 5 is the version of 4.2. The transmission efficiency and stability of 6 are better.
For dustproof and waterproof, 6 supports IP67 dustproof and waterproof, and 5 only supports IPX7 waterproof.

3 How to choose JBL products in the price range of 150-300 US dollars

pulse series
This series is responsible for the value of the appearance and the responsibility of the bright lights. If you like light shows, this series is the first choice. Especially the pulse4 product is currently the best light show product. It is very good for gifting and personal use.
The configurations of the two products 3 and 4 are similar, mainly because of the change in shape. 3 is a half-body transparent glazed light show, and 4 is a full-body glazed light show. Just like their promotional slogan, it has a good voice that can be seen.
In fact, at this price, the configuration of these two models is not high, especially the power of the speaker. But it does not affect its actual feeling. We all know that people are visual animals, and they will have a better psychological experience when they look comfortable.

chaege 5
Why doesn’t this place say series, in fact it consists of 4, 5. But 5 is now the main product.

This is a product that is different from the above pulse, it is not a product that focuses on appearance, but a product that focuses on strength.

The power and size of the speaker is twice that of the above, 20w dual frequency.
Functionally, it has 20h battery life, 67-level dustproof and waterproof, and Bluetooth 5.1 version. The price is around 1500 yuan
So for the same price, if you focus on appearance, you can choose the pluse 4 above, and if you focus on functions, you can buy charge 5

4, How to choose JBL products in the price range of 300-420 US dollars

JBL XTREME Music War Drum Series
This price range is the main speaker for outdoor sports, hip-hop, etc. Drums 2 and 3 are the same routine as above, that is, 3 is in the Bluetooth version, dustproof and waterproof, and the power of the speaker is higher than that of 2. Therefore, the sound quality, volume, transmission efficiency, and dustproof level for outdoor use should all perform better.

The sound of 80w and 100w dual-frequency speakers is enough for use in open places.

5 How to choose JBL products in the price range above $420


JBL BOOMBOX2 Music God of War 2
This one is more portable, lasts longer, is pluggable, and runs on batteries.

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