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How to Choose a Portable Speaker

Marshall Speakers
Marshall Speakers

What is a portable speaker?

Portable speaker is a kind of convenient and small speaker that is different from traditional large speakers. It is powered by its own dry battery or lithium battery, or it can be powered by a power supply.
To put it simply, the biggest difference between a portable speaker and a general desktop speaker is whether there is a built-in lithium battery. Because the portable speaker has a built-in lithium battery, it has the ability to be used outdoors. However, in order to take into account its portability, both the size of the speaker and the capacity of the battery have been optimized. Therefore, the sound quality of the portable speaker cannot be compared with that of the desktop speaker at the same price.

Marshall Speakers
Marshall Portable Speakers

How to choose a portable speaker? What parameters do you need to know when buying a portable audio system?

There is still a little difference in the way of purchasing portable speakers and desktop speakers. After all, we pay more attention to the portability of portable speakers outdoors, while taking into account the sound quality. The main pursuit of desktop speakers is sound quality. So what are the parameters of common portable speakers?

  1. Bluetooth version
    The higher the Bluetooth version, the more stable the transmission, especially for portable speakers, since the audio basically relies on Bluetooth transmission, this is particularly important. The Bluetooth version of common portable speakers is 4.2, and the better one is 5.1. If it is a home bookshelf speaker, it can even achieve APTX HD high-definition transmission, but this is of little significance to portable speakers, after all, the decoding ability and hardware cannot keep up.
  2. Speaker
    In order to consider portability, portable audio speakers will be streamlined both in size and in number. Different speakers are responsible for different frequency bands in the audio, such as low and medium frequencies and high frequencies, so the layering and three-dimensional sense of sound in portable audio will be relatively poor.
  3. Rated power
    For speakers, the rated power generally means that the speaker can withstand the power of this value for a long time without damage.
    To put it simply, the higher the rated power, the louder the volume of the speaker can work at its peak without worrying about damage. In other words, if you are dancing in the square outside, the rated power of your speaker is lower than that of others, so you may not be able to hear your own dance music clearly and disrupt your dance steps.
  4. Battery life
    It mainly depends on your own usage habits. In theory, the longer the battery life, the better. After all, the longer it can be used outdoors without frequent charging.
  5. Volume/weight
    The main consideration is its portability, small size, light weight and portability must be stronger
  6. Protection ability
    The common protection ability is represented by IPX, which respectively represent the level of anti-fall, dust-proof and waterproof. However, it is generally not mentioned about anti-fall. The main thing is waterproof and dust-proof. Especially for users who like outdoor camping, the higher the level of waterproof and dust-proof, the better.
  7. Other
    In addition to the above six points, it also depends on the speaker’s channel, frequency response range, signal-to-noise ratio, etc. These are also parameters that affect sound quality, but since the selling point and focus of outdoor speakers are not here, it is good to simply understand.

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