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How about the Quality of Sanag Senna Sports Bluetooth Headphones

This year, I have come into contact with three sanag sports earphones, including air conduction earphones and bone conduction earphones, and the price/performance ratio is very good.

Senna sports earphones are quite good. Senna can be said to be the leader of air conduction earphones. The brand is still reliable, but it is relatively small, just like bone conduction earphones. It is very small, and its popularity must be better than what we know The earphones are much lower, and the applicable scenes are relatively limited, such as suitable for sports scenes.

Let me share the Senna air conduction and bone conduction sports earphones I experienced this year, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

Sanag A9S Bluetooth Headphones 【Bone Conduction Sports Headphones】

Using the third-generation SANAG-Acavity acoustic structure and its own third-generation SAVD-Extreme digital sound enhancement technology, the bass is good
10H super long battery life
IPX8 waterproof
Bluetooth 5.13
2G memory

Editor’s comment: sanag Senna A9S is the first bone conduction earphone that I came into contact with Senna brand. -Extreme digital sound enhancement technology, I am relatively inclined to listen to sports songs, and the sense of hearing is still very good.
IPX8 waterproof level is suitable for any sports, swimming is no problem, and the 10-hour battery life has reached the current battery life ceiling of bone conduction earphones. I really didn’t expect this price to be able to do this. 32G memory can also store 10,000 music songs, and the price performance is at the same price. Very outstanding.

Sanag A11S PRO Max【Air Conduction Sports Headphones】

Using the second-generation SANAG-Acavity acoustic structure and its own third-generation SAVD-Extremea digital sound enhancement technology
8H battery life
IPX7 waterproof
Bluetooth 5.1
32G memory

Editor’s comment: Sanag A11S PRO Max has the same price as Sanag A9S, one bone conduction and one air conduction. A11S PROMax is lighter in weight and feels lighter to wear. Its 8-hour battery life and IPX7 waterproof level can also meet the needs of daily life. exercise needs. The overall experience in terms of sound quality is better than that of the Sanag A9S Bluetooth headset. At the same volume, it feels that the A11S PRO Max has relatively more sound leakage.
I have to say that the packaging in this small silver box is very attractive, and it is also the first time I have seen it. The overall experience is also very good.

Sanag A15spro [Air Conduction Sports Flagship Headphones]

Binaural HIFI sound quality, better sound quality
6H battery life
IPX8 waterproof
Digital noise reduction technology for clearer calls
Bluetooth 5.23
2G memory

Editor’s comment: Senna A15spro is the flagship product of Senna’s air conduction earphones. The noise phenomenon has also been significantly improved, and the IPX8 waterproof level is still nothing to say.
28g lightweight body, very comfortable to wear, upgrade to version 5.2, lower latency, 32G memory is not much to say, it is already standard. The 6-hour battery life can meet the needs of daily use, but as a flagship headset, it is obvious that the battery life needs to be improved. It would be nice if the battery life is 10 hours.

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