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How About the JBL GO2 Speaker

How about the JBL GO2 speaker? Is the sound quality good? What brand of JBL speaker is it?

If you have heard of BOSE speakers, then you should also know about JBL speakers. JBL is an American brand, a brand of professional scientific research speakers, and the world’s largest manufacturer of professional speakers. From raw materials to speakers, to the design and production of speakers, it is all handled by its own brand. Like Shanshui speakers, it has been famous all over the world for more than 70 years, and it is a real big brother in the speaker industry. During the 1970s and 1990s, almost no speaker brand could compete with it. The 4343, 4344, 4425, and K2 series that were once created represent the professional audio level of JBL audio, but now All have become out-of-print, and have become objects of collection of audio enthusiasts all over the world. JBL speakers are mostly used in large-scale audio projects, large-scale mobile performances, studio monitors, bands, or movie theaters, and then began to develop in the direction of civilian audio, such as home audio, entertainment venues such as disco, dance halls, bars, karaoke OK, etc., JBL audio can be seen everywhere. After decades of development in the audio industry, the only constant original intention is to “produce excellent audio products”.


What is my understanding of the above passage? JBL Audio has been able to develop in this industry for more than 70 years, and its professional strength is certainly not in vain. Internet search can also find a lot of good reviews. I don’t know how other countries respond. At least in our country today, the popularity is quite high. In terms of what grade JBL belongs to, I think it is not an exaggeration to call JBL a professional-grade audio.

Next, I will share with you some of my personal thoughts on the use of speakers and my understanding of JBL speakers. I hope it can help you choose speakers.

JBL GO2 Speaker Sharing

There are several models of JBL audio that have been hot on the Internet, such as JBL PULSE3 music pulsation third generation, JBL GO2 music BRIC second generation, JBL SD-18, JBL CLIP3 wireless music box third generation, JBL TOWER SMART wireless Bluetooth speaker, etc. . These models are all home-use (can also be carried outdoors) speakers. For general application scenarios, such as listening to music, watching movies and watching TV, the effect and sound quality of sound amplification are good. To quote netizens, “Quality depends on Spectrum, sound quality authentic, affordable.”

Among them, the popularity of JBL GO2 music BRIC II should be the highest among the public models, and its popularity on the Internet is nearly 200,000+.

It’s very similar to the one I have in my dorm right now. They are all small and portable, not heavy or big, only 270.00g, which is half a catty, and the material is made of metal + rubber. The actual product is also the same as mine, and can be picked up with one hand. You can take it with you wherever you go, and use it as a portable phone.

In addition to listening to songs and amplifying the sound, JBL GO2 also has a voice call function, such as WeChat voice and phone calls. But be careful, if you really want to answer the phone, it is best to turn off the Bluetooth speaker, otherwise people downstairs can hear the content of the phone call between you and the other party. If it’s the “sweet and sweet” words spoken by young couples, people will blush when they hear them

Although it is small, the “lung capacity” is not small. Like my small stereo, it is placed in a room and a living room (about 35 square meters). I put it in the room, and people listen to it in the toilet with the door closed. The sound is loud enough without turning up the volume. If it is If you listen within half a meter, the sound effect is the most clear and pleasant. As for JBL GO2, some people commented that even in a classroom that can accommodate 80 people (it is estimated to be more than 100 square meters), the students in the last row can hear clearly. Then I think its volume is enough.

The frequency upper limit of JBL GO2’s subwoofer speaker is 180Hz, and the frequency response of the speaker is between 180Hz and 20kHz. The sound heard in this range is very thick, and there will be no floating sound (no false sound). The sound is also clear and natural. Moreover, the signal-to-noise ratio of JBL GO2 is greater than 80dB. Generally, the sound quality of the audio with this signal-to-noise ratio is good. In the actual experience, the sound quality of the sound transmission is relatively clear, pleasant, and there is no noise. Whether listening to rock music, pop music, pure music or piano music, the sound quality is not bad.

JBL GO2 Speaker Sharing

My one is similar to the one in the picture above, the color is also silver, and the layer on the surface is also grid-like, but the shape is different. This JBL GO2 is square, with a one-piece body and rounded corners. It looks much better in workmanship and texture than mine. It also has many function keys, including volume up and down keys, pause\answer\go to the next song (can also be used as answer and hang up keys), as well as on/off keys, bluetooth keys, audio input ports, and charging ports , all placed on the side of the fuselage.

I think this design is very user-friendly. Because the on/off key and the volume up and down keys of mine are at the bottom, and it is cylindrical, sometimes you have to lift it up and turn over if you want to adjust the volume, and the interface is not easy to connect when charging. Unless I put it upright, but it is easy to roll the machine (I describe it like this, I believe everyone can imagine what it looks like)

It is really convenient to use. Only need bluetooth connection, the bluetooth signal supports version 4.1. In addition, its battery life is not bad, it is no problem to listen to music for 5 hours continuously, and if you forget to turn off the audio when you go out for something, it will automatically shut down within five minutes, which is very power-saving. If there is no power, it only takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge.

JBL GO2 is suitable for many scenarios, such as playing English audio learning in the classroom, taking it outdoors to accompany you for a run, putting it in the corner of the bed to help you fall asleep, or taking it to take a bath for fun. It adopts IPX7 waterproof design, satisfying the interest of listening to music while bathing.

There are a total of 12 colors, each of which is a dish for young people. My favorite is the blue, orange, red and light green, which are beautiful and fashionable.

JBL GO2 Speaker Sharing

Personal opinion
After all, JBL GO2 is not a high-end speaker. It is only suitable for people who like to listen to music and do not pursue high sound quality. If you only care about convenience, JBL GO2 is a good choice, and the price is not expensive. The price is 199 Buy whatever you want. If you are an audiophile who pursues HIFI high-quality sound effects, JBL GO2 will not satisfy you

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