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Gravastar P9 Earbuds Review

Tide play culture has become quite popular in recent years, collecting trendy toys and figurines has become a hot trend, and the consumer electronics industry is also being baptized – many 3C products have played crossover, adding trendy play elements to the appearance design and use experience, bringing users a bright and fresh experience.

Gravastar Gravity Planet is a brand that combines trend culture and 3Cs to the extreme – its headphones and audio products are as exquisite as figures and models in appearance.

Recently, the I Love Audio Network evaluation room ushered in a TWS headset under Gravastar Gravity Planet – Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 Battle Damage Model. So, what is the mystery hidden in the unique shape of this headset? It looks like a figurine model, how does it feel to use it? Below, let’s take you through the experience.

Guided tours

  • Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 product out of the box
    • Packaging & Accessories
    • Exterior details
  • Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 hands-on experience
    • Connect pairing and operation
    • Wearing feel
    • Listening experience
  • Gravastar gravity planet P9 data measurement
    • Weight measurement
    • Charging and battery life
    • Wireless connectivity test
    • Device compatibility testing

Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 product out of the box

Packaging & Accessories

As a product of the trend brand Gravastar Gravity Planet, Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 has a very trendy personality in the packaging – the entire packaging of the headset looks more like a cultural and creative figure than a traditional consumer electronic product.

The overall packaging of the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is as above. Different from the paper packaging used in common headsets, the P9’s packaging box is a hard mecha wind box, which is a mechanical pattern with an old texture, and the surface has relief such as stiffeners and warning signs, just like an “equipment box”, which is extremely cool.

The front of the box is hollowed out and a transparent material is placed, and the earbuds and charging case are clearly visible in the box.

A view of the back of the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 box. The back of the packaging box still has a large number of decorative reliefs, which strengthens the visual impact of the entire package; In addition, on this side, the product specifications and regulatory information of the headphone product are also marked.

As can be seen from the product specification label, the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 headphones have a Bluetooth version of 5.2, a pronunciation unit with a coiled iron combination, in-ear detection function, and a 6-color RGB mood light.

In addition, on the top of the box, a handle structure is also placed, which enhances the practicality and makes the whole box more “equipped”.

Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 underside at a glance. The yellow-green color on the bottom side is not only the opening buckle of the box, but you can unlock the “equipment box” by breaking the buckle outward and opening the box.

All contents in the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 package are as above. The packing list for headphones includes the earbuds and charging case, cable, necklace cord, replacement earbuds and instruction manual.

List of cables that come with the headphones. Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 uses Type-C interface charging, so the included cable is a USB-A to Type-C cable, which is suitable for common charging heads.

A list of replacement earbuds that come with the headphones. With 3 replacement earbuds and 1 pair pre-installed with headphones at the factory, the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 has a total of 4 pairs of earbuds of different sizes to meet the user’s need for wearing comfort.

Another special point is that the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 also comes with a neck lanyard in the package, and after being installed on the charging case, the charging case can be worn on the chest, and the “tide play” attribute is full.

Exterior details

Let’s look back at the product – the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9, which is both a headset and a figurine/craft.

The charging case of the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 looks like above. The overall design of the charging case of the earphone is quite personal, which is completely different from the common TWS box structure, which is both like a “lighter” and a bit of a “magazine” taste, which is very unique.

The entire outer layer of the charging case is made of zinc alloy, which has a strong metallic feel both in look and feel. In addition, the “War Damage Gray” version of the charging case purchased by I Love Audio Network this time is covered with a worn texture on the appearance, which is very cool.

View of the back of the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 charging case.

The left side of the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 charging case is at a glance.

A view of the right side of the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 charging case. On the left side of the charging case, a pushable “knob” button is placed (but cannot be rotated), and when pressed, the top cover of the charging case can pop up and the earbuds can be removed.

After opening the top cover, the charging case of the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is shown in the picture above. The whole process of “pressing the button – popping up the top cover – accessing the headphones” is like performing some kind of tactical action, which is very decompressing.

After removing the earphone body, take a closer look inside the charging case. A closer look reveals that each earbud is connected to the charging case via two metal contacts.

In addition, there is a long ambient light on the underside of the hollow position in the middle of the charging case, which will show different colors and flashes when charging or connecting.

Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 headphone body at a glance.

The earphone body adopts a “bean-shaped” shape, without a protruding handle, and the appearance color of the whole machine is consistent with the charging case, which is dark gray metallic and has a distressed texture. However, unlike the alloy material of the charging case, the earphone body is made of plastic, which reduces the overall weight.

Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 headphone body at a glance. The inside of the headphones is black, and in addition to the metal exit point for charging, there is an L/R direction marker and an in-ear detection sensor.

A view of the side of the headset body. On the side of the audio chamber of each headset, a pickup microphone is set up for calls and ENC call noise reduction.

Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 charging case and headphones at a glance.

Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 hands-on experience

Connect pairing and operation

Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is a true wireless Bluetooth headset, before starting to use and listening, you need to connect and pair the headphones with mobile phones, tablets and other audio source devices.

After conducting the experience test, I found that the connection and pairing of the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is very simple and straightforward.

Simply remove the headphones from the charging case, the earbuds will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode, at this time select “Gravastar Sirius Pro” in the Bluetooth settings of the phone to complete the connection.

In addition, whether it is in factory state or existing paired equipment, each time the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is removed from the charging case, the headphones will enter the pairing state for a certain period of time, so even if you change the paired device, you can easily complete the re-pairing through the above steps, which is quite convenient.

In terms of touch gestures, the touch area of Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is located on the back of the bean-shaped sound cavity, which is the position in the figure above, and the touch gesture scheme used is a common touch sensing scheme for bean-shaped headphones.

After actual testing, I love audio network found that the P9’s touch gesture arrangement is quite comprehensive and reasonable, not only the “previous, next” and other paired functions are placed on the left and right sides of the headphones, which is quite intuitive and easy to use, and can also recognize the long-press gesture, realizing the function of adjusting the volume that is rare in TWS headset gestures.

Wearing feel

Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is quite “tough” in appearance, but I love audio network after experiencing it and found that the headphones are indeed very “soft” and comfortable to wear, and very comfortable to wear in the ears.

Similar to most bean-shaped headphones, Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 has a soft line design for the part that contacts the skin of the ear, and the curve of the back of the speaker is ergonomically treated, so it can be closely matched to the ear canal without “ear bumping”.

At the same time, the overall weight of the headset is also relatively light, so it will not easily appear tired when worn for a long time during commuting and gaming.

With the headphones on, the effect from a distance looks as above. Due to the tough design style of the earphone itself and the charging case, the earphones will be more suitable for matching with trendy and street wear.

Listening experience

From the hands of Gravastar Gravity Planet, P9 is a headset that relies on the main “appearance”, but after listening to it on the audio network, I found that the “inner strength” of the headphones – the sense of hearing is no less.

First of all, Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 has three modes for listening: music mode, cinema mode and game mode, which adapt to the needs of use in three scenarios.

After listening to several tracks of different genres in Music mode, we found that the built-in iron trap scheme of Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 performed quite well. Under the DSP digital crossover algorithm, the composite membrane moving coil and Knowles moving iron can be divided to present different sounds, thanks to which the P9 has excellent restoration of details in different frequency bands in music.

In terms of tuning, the overall tuning of Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 does not have too obvious stylized characteristics, which is more “panacea”, and the listening feeling can meet the needs of most users. However, for users who focus on listening to a particular type of music, we also recommend experimenting with custom tuning using EQ software.

In terms of cinema mode, after watching some film and television clips with headphones, we found that in headphone cinema mode, the headphones will present a wider sound stage and bring a stronger sense of immersion.

In addition, we have also found that using the cinema mode of headphones to listen to ordinary music can also bring a sense of space, if you prefer a sense of space and presence, then you can choose the resident cinema mode.

In terms of game modes, Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 supports latency as low as 65ms, which is enough to cope with the competitive needs of mainstream gamers. Of course, there will be a certain loss of sound quality in this mode, so we recommend that users only turn on game mode while gaming.

Gravastar gravity planet P9 data measurement

Weight measurement

After measuring the weight of the Gravastar gravity planet P9 using a high-precision scale, I love audio network found that the weight of the headphones is 5.2g on one side and 10.4g on both sides, which is lighter overall and will not bring a greater burden to the ears.

Together with the charging case, the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 weighs 101.2g, which is the lighter level among TWS in-ear headphones, and with its smaller overall form factor, it is easy to carry on the go.

Charging and battery life

After testing the charging performance of Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 using CHARGERLAB POWER-Z professional tester, I love audio network found that the wired charging power of the earphone was 1.4W. To fully charge the entire charging case, it takes about 2 hours.

In terms of battery life, Gravastar Gravity Planet P9’s headphones play for about 4 hours, and with the charging case, it can achieve 16 hours of battery life, so it is recommended that users who use headphones daily develop the habit of charging at hand.

Wireless connectivity test

The Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is a headset with Bluetooth 5.2 technology that connects wirelessly to the audio source device. To test the wireless connectivity of the headphones, we conducted a standardized test of Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 for wireless headphones, which is as follows.

We placed an iPhone in a fixed position in the office of the My Love Audio Network (right in the floor plan), then wore the Gravastar gravity planet P9 connected to the phone, and walked along the four routes a, b, c, and d to test the wireless connection stability of the headphones. Thereinto:

A route: pass through the office area of colleagues, where a large number of wireless devices such as computers, mobile phones, and other wireless headphones are working;

B route: past the partition wall and a transparent floor-to-ceiling glass;

c route: the path is close to a straight line, with fewer obstacles during the period;

d Route: Pass through the reception room and negotiation area, there are sporadic obstacles during the period, but there is no electronic signal equipment.

It was found that although the four routes have different environments, Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 maintains a stable connection in each route, without any disconnection, lag and other phenomena, and has excellent wireless connection performance.

Device compatibility testing

The Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 has a comprehensive set of touch capabilities, and we have conducted standardized device compatibility tests to test whether the headset can use all media control functions on different devices.

I Love Audio used four different brands of mobile phones with different operating systems to connect with the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 and specifically test whether it could implement call and media control functions on the headset.

The test results are as above. After testing, I Love Audio found that without the need for a companion app, the Gravastar Gravity Planet P9 is still compatible with four different mobile phones of different brands, and the compatibility is excellent.

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