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British Century Audio Brand Marshall Speakers in the End How

Whether it is Sennheiser of Germany, Marshall of London, England, or Harman / Kardon of New York, the United States and so on, each has its own characteristics, but no matter what, the law of flowers into each eye in such fierce competition and personal preference for sound quality, materials are still different music audiophile world still works.

Marshall Speakers STANMORE III

Among them, the senior audio supplier Marshall was born in the last century in London, England, it actually began to make speakers, we all know what type of music in the 1960s the most rammed the most resonant with young people – rock ‘n’ roll. At that time, Elvis Presley was with the “Jailhouse Rock” brought the rock and roll trend in the United States, and the success of this music style radiation to the entire Western world, including the United Kingdom, with the sixties and seventies rebellion against the old customs and the political status quo of the hippie culture, rock music as a spiritual revolutionary force has gained unprecedented sensation.

And since Marshall was founded in the 60’s and the state of music in the UK at the time, you can guess what I’m going to say next, right? That’s right, rock and roll music was also a big deal in England. Almost every famous rock guitarist of the time used a Marshall in their career, including The Beatles, the world’s greatest rock band of the 1960s and the most famous “British Invasion” of American pop culture (1960-1970), which is still a classic. .

Of course, with the smartphone brands marching into the wireless headphone world, these once headphone enthusiast brands in the impact of the new consumerism is indeed a considerable challenge, in order to AirPods and a variety of AndroidPods new headphone brand before and after the attack, again capture the love of the younger generation of consumers, innovation must be unstoppable.

Word of mouth X quality polishing, so that Marshall, a brand established more than sixty years ago, the brand still lasts forever, inherited a hundred years of tuning precipitation, supplemented by modern advanced audition technology, if you like Marshall’s brand culture or trust its audition products, Marshall classic speakers / headphones is also a good choice.

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