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Best bedroom Speakers Under $350

The general size of a bedroom is only about 10 to 20 square meters. According to this space size, it is not recommended to buy a speaker that is too large. If it is placed on a computer desk, it is recommended to buy a split speaker, which has better sound quality and is more cost-effective. If it is placed on a dressing table or a bookshelf, it is recommended to buy an integrated speaker, which is easy to place and more beautiful.

1 Edifier D12 2.0-channel integrated desktop stereo
Reference price: $70
The same is a 2.0-channel speaker. Although it is an integrated body, it has two independent cavities, and the left and right channels do not affect each other. 5.0 Bluetooth, DSP audio decoding, treble 19mm silk film tweeter, the sound is more mellow and more delicate, 4-inch wool basin low-mid-range speaker, the mid-bass is more stable.
If you like a one-piece body, Edifier D12 is still a very good choice.

Edifier D12 2.0-channel integrated desktop stereo

2, Edifier (EDIFIER) S201 full-featured HIFI active 2.1 speakers
Reference price: $166
Speaker size: Titanium film dome tweeter + 3.5-inch aluminum cone diaphragm mid-bass + 8-inch subwoofer
Rated Power: Treble 15w Mid Bass 25w Subwoofer 70w
Frequency range: 40hz-20khz
Bluetooth version: 5.0aptx hd
From the perspective of sound quality, the speakers are all large-sized and high-quality. The 24mm titanium film dome tweeter has high resolution and low distortion. For users who like human voice, it is definitely a kind of enjoyment. The s201’s large-size 70w subwoofer injects more power into the low frequency, and the material of the aluminum diaphragm is also more stable. The overall sound quality has a stronger sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality.

3 Harman Kardon Aura Studio3
Of course, some friends prefer products with a stronger sense of technology. If the budget is sufficient, Harman Kardon is definitely a good choice. After all, as a partner of BMW’s car audio, it has been well received by the market once it is launched.
Reference price: $250
Speaker size: 6 x 40mm mid-treble + 130mm bass
Rated Power: Mid-Treble 15w Bass 100w
Frequency range: 45hz-20khz
Bluetooth version: 4.2
The three of Liuli think that the appearance of Crystal Four is much higher than that of Crystal Four, and the one-piece design is also better placed. The transparent box and water ripple breathing lamp can make the atmosphere of the whole room better.

Harman Kardon Aura Studio3

4 Harman Kardon Harman/Kardon Crystal IV Wireless Bluetooth Desktop Speaker
Reference price: $300
Speaker size: 8 x 1.4″ mid-high frequency + 5.25″ low frequency
Rated power: medium and high frequency 5w, low frequency 100w
Frequency range: 40hz-20khz
Bluetooth version: 4.2
The split processing done by Crystal Four, two satellite speakers are responsible for the middle and high pitch, and the size and power of the subwoofer is lower than that of Liuli Three. Therefore, if you like the design of Harman Kardon but can’t accept the overly shocking bass, you can start with Crystal Four.

Harman Kardon Harman/Kardon Crystal IV Wireless Bluetooth Desktop Speaker

5 Marshall ACTON II BLUETOOTH speaker
Reference price: $310
Speaker size: 3/4″ tweeter + 4″ woofer
Rated power: 30w+2*15w
Frequency response range: 50-2000hz
Bluetooth version: 5.0
The most suitable personal recommendation is this one, because the budget exceeds the standard. Although Marshall also started out as a rock player, and the bass is also very good, compared with Harman Kardon Liuli III, the mid-to-low treble is relatively balanced, and you can also adjust the ratio of mid-to-high to low, a more personalized design. The appearance is also very high, and putting it in the bedroom can also improve the taste.

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