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Beats Studio Buds + Review 2023

Beats Studio Buds review: Under the transparent shell, the powerful strength is revealed!

On May 17, without an official warm-up, Apple’s acoustic brand Beats’ new headphones Beats Studio Buds + were released online, bringing a “surprise surprise” to many fruit fans and Beats fans.
The Beats Studio Buds + are the iteration of the Beats Studio Buds, the active noise-canceling in-ear line from Beats. Released in June 2021, Beats Studio Buds are Beats’ first TWS noise-canceling headphones. At that time, Audioreview tested them in detail and were impressed by their high-quality sound and active noise reduction.

Beats Studio Buds Review 2023

Now, two years later, Beats Studio Buds + has also reached the moment of iterative upgrade. Based on the excellent performance of the previous generation, the new earphones have enhanced active noise reduction performance, increasing the depth of active noise reduction by 1.6 times, and the size of the microphone has been increased by 3 times, and the battery life and compatibility have also been enhanced.
So, what is the actual listening and using experience of Beats Studio Buds +, which has been honed for two years? Can the “Plus” upgrade brought by “+” push this star headset to a new height? With these questions in mind, let Audioreview lead you to unveil the Beats Studio Buds step by step~

Beats Studio Buds + is a flagship new product in the TWS in-ear form, which has reached the first-line level in terms of listening sense, noise reduction, battery life, and connection compatibility. Therefore, when testing Beats Studio Buds +, Audioreview adopted our consistent testing framework for headphones, and conducted an in-depth experience of this flagship new product from the three levels of “unboxing”, “hands-on” and “data measurement”.

The main logical structure of this evaluation is as follows:

Beats Studio Buds + product unboxing: classic Beats style, simple and cool
Packaging and accessories

Beats Studio Buds + hands-on experience: active noise reduction and then upgrade, escape into silence
connection and operation
wearing feeling
listening experience
Noise canceling experience

Beats Studio Buds + data measurement: iPhone and Android can be connected
Measured weight
Charging and battery life
Connectivity Test
Device Compatibility Test
You can quickly find the specific review item you want to read according to the first-level title and second-level title in the review text.

Beats Studio Buds + product unboxing: classic Beats style, simple and cool

Packaging and accessories
The Beats brand and products have their own unique design style, and this style has also been implemented in the packaging of Beats Studio Buds +. When we first got the Beats Studio Buds + box, our first feeling was – “This is too Beats”.
From the perspective of the outer packaging, Beats Studio Buds + adopts the small box design common to Beats and Apple products, with a hanging ring on the top for easy hanging on retailer shelves.
In the center of the front of the package is the product picture of Beats Studio Buds +, one of the highlights of the new product – the transparent color appearance is quite eye-catching. The Beats logo is placed in the upper left corner of the front, and the product name Beats Studio Buds + and the two major features of the headset are marked below: active noise reduction and up to 36 hours of battery life.
In addition, the version obtained by Audioreview this time is a “transparent” color version. The shell of the earphone adopts a translucent design, but the shell itself has a light gray main color, and the packaging box is also mainly gray and white. In addition to the “transparent” color, Beats Studio Buds + also offers two colors of “gilt black” and “ivory white”.
It should be noted that in addition to the different colors, there is a small difference between the “transparent” color and the other two colors in the material of the control keys – the control keys of the “gilt black” and “ivory white” are The glossy side, while the “transparent” color has a matte side.
The back of the box is shown above. The product picture of the headset is placed on the back of the box, listing the packing list in the box-true wireless headset, charging box and charging cable, and the lower left also indicates that the headset supports both Apple devices and Android devices.
In addition, the more special point is that the Beats Studio Buds + is similar to many Apple devices, with a tear-open design on the packaging. To open the package, just tear off the opening strip on the back of the package, which saves plastic packaging and achieves “environmental protection”.
On the left side of the package, the new “plus” features of Beats Studio Buds + are marked – stronger active noise reduction and longer battery life.
The improvement in spatial audio and compatibility of the headset is marked on the right side of the box.
Pull the easy-tear strip to open the package, and take out all the items in the package as shown in the picture above. The contents of the Beats Studio Buds + package include headphones and headphone boxes, cables, three sets of replacement earplugs, safety operating instructions, Apple Music half-year free trial card and a Beats Logo sticker.
Replacement eartips at a glance. Like other Beats in-ear headphones, Beats Studio Buds + provides three replacement earplugs to choose from, together with the ones already installed on the headphones, there are a total of four, which are XS, S, M, L four different sizes. Beats is also marked in the earplug packaging, “Excellent sound quality begins with a comfortable fit”, which is quite Beats’ personality.
In terms of cables, since the earphone charging box is charged with a Type-C interface, it is equipped with a double-ended Type-C cable. The overall length of the cable is short and easy to carry, and the double-ended Type-C is compatible with the PD standard charging head that is quite popular at present. For users of Apple products in recent years, there is no need to configure an additional charging head.

Back to the product. The appearance of the charging box of Beats Studio Buds + is shown above. The overall design of the charging box is more rounded, which is a “pebble” faction. The size is the same as that of the previous generation Beats Studio Buds. It will be slightly larger in the TWS in-ear type.
It is worth mentioning that the addition of the transparent shell to the Beats Studio Buds + “transparent” color has greatly improved the personality of the headphones.
The shell of the transparent Beats Studio Buds + is a matte transparent material. Through the translucent shell, you can observe the circuit board, battery, magnetic magnet and even structural reinforcement inside the earphone charging box. The internal workmanship makes the headset full of technology.
A look at the back of the Beats Studio Buds + charging case. The inscription on the back of the charging box identifies the technical information of the earphone charging box. The information can be seen. The model of the charging box is A2870, the battery capacity is 600mAh, and the input and output are both 5V/1A.

A view of the bottom of the Beats Studio Buds + charging case. The Type-C charging interface of the headset can be seen at the bottom, and part of the internal structure can be seen through the transparent case.
Open the top cover of the charging box, and you can see that the Beats Studio Buds + headphone body is embedded in the charging compartment. It can be seen through the transparent shell that the charging compartment of the earphone body actually only occupies the upper half of the charging box, so the lower half can be placed with a large-capacity battery to achieve a longer battery life.
After taking out the headset body, the charging compartment is as above. It can be seen that each earphone is connected to the earphone charging box through two metal contacts, and an operation button (black place) is also set in the center of the charging compartment.
A look at the sides of the Beats Studio Buds + headphones. The same as the previous generation, Studio Buds + adopts the “Buds” bean-shaped design. The sound cavity is rounded on the side close to the speaker, and gradually becomes two “capsule”-shaped planes (control keys) on the rear side. The shape is particularly special.
A closer look at the inside of the headset. Due to the transparent appearance design, through the shell of the earphone, you can see the sound unit and other components inside the earphone, presenting different colors such as black and gray, which is quite cool.
A closer look at the top of the headset. A closer look reveals that there are two openings on the top side of the control keys on the earphones on both sides, covered with grids, which should be pickup microphones for ANC active noise reduction.

Beats Studio Buds + hands-on experience: active noise reduction and then upgrade, escape into silence!
connection and operation
As a Beats product of Apple, the connection and pairing of Beats Studio Buds + inherits the “smoothness” of Apple accessories as always – Audioreview found in the test that the entire pairing process of Beats Studio Buds + is extremely smooth and smooth.
First of all, if you are using a “first-party product” iPhone, iPad or Mac, then to pair the headset to the device, you only need to open the cover and approach the device. After that, a window will automatically pop up on iOS or macOS, prompting Connect the headset with iCloud.
After connecting, Beats Studio Buds + can enjoy the “first-party treatment” of Apple devices when used with Apple devices – pairing pop-up windows, control center adjustments, search functions, etc. can be used freely, and Apple headphones of the AirPods series No difference.
As for Android, Beats also claims that the new Beats Studio Buds + are more compatible with the Android operating system. Therefore, Audioreview also chose a popular Android model to test its connectivity.
After downloading and installing the Beats App in the Android system, we found that the Beats App’s instructions stated that just open the earphones and approach the phone, and the phone will pop up a connection notification. However, it may be due to differences in the systems of various mobile phones. In the Android mobile phone we used for testing, it is still necessary to manually enter the Bluetooth item in the system settings to connect.
After successfully pairing and connecting the headset to the phone, you can customize the noise reduction mode, name, control gestures, etc. of the headset through the Android Beats App. Compared to the Airpods series, which lacks official software support on Android, Beats Studio Buds + is quite friendly to Android.
In terms of operation control, the control keys on both sides of the Beats Studio Buds + can be used to make and receive calls, adjust the noise reduction mode, etc. by pressing, double-pressing, triple-pressing, long-pressing and other gestures. Users can also control the noise reduction by themselves The long press operation of the button changes to the volume control function.
In addition, if you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, the voice assistant “Hey Siri” is always available.

Wearing feeling
Beats products have always emphasized “fitting”, and Beats Studio Buds + also regards “all-day comfortable wearing experience” as one of its major selling points. We found that after actually wearing the ear, the Beats Studio Buds + is similar to the previous generation, and it is generally quite comfortable to wear.
Wearing the Beats Studio Buds + in your ears looks like this. The M-size (medium) earplugs have been installed when the earphones are released. After trying them on by many Audioreview editors, they found that the M-size earplugs can fit most people’s ear shapes, achieving a good balance between stability and comfort.
Wearing the Beats Studio Buds + looks like this from a distance. Because the weight of the earphone itself is moderate, and the “bean” shape makes most of the earphones are located in the pinna, the earphones will not bring a sense of weight to the ears. In addition, the transparent Beats Studio Buds + are eye-catching when worn, and the “accessory” attribute is quite online.
However, compared with the common handle-type headphones, the bean-shaped Beats Studio Buds + still has a certain learning cost-due to the special shape, after the new machine is in hand, the user still needs a certain amount of time when taking, wearing and putting back the headphones. adaptation time. However, after wearing it two or three times, it can be easily and smoothly taken out and put back on.

listening experience
In the minds of many users, the sound of Beats headphones is quite “stylized”-but after being incorporated into Apple, Beats’ tuning style has also undergone subtle changes.
After wearing Beats Studio Buds + and playing rock, pop, classical and other tracks for in-depth listening, Audioreview found that the headphones sound quite good. Thanks to the customized dual-element diaphragm unit, the earphones can fully and delicately restore the sound details of each frequency. When listening to the sound, there is no lack of “Magic Moment” of “hearing a sound that I didn’t hear before”. Judging from it, the sound quality has reached the level it should have in its price segment.
In terms of tuning, after repeatedly switching and comparing Beats Studio Buds + with the Airpods series, we found that Beats under Apple has now converged a lot in tuning; however, compared to the Airpods series that is often teased as “plain water”, , Beats Studio Buds + is more stylized, and the low frequency has been strengthened to a certain extent, so it will be more suitable for listening to drum-rich tracks such as rock.
In addition, as Apple’s headphones, Beats Studio Buds + also supports the “spatial audio” feature, which can achieve Dolby Atmos Dolby panoramic sound effect. During the test, Audioreview found that the earphones can natively support Dolby Atmos and spatial audio effects in Apple Music. When listening to supported tracks after turning on spatial audio, the sound field presented by the earphones can be significantly enhanced.
Of course, it may be due to the positioning of the product that Beats Studio Buds + does not have a built-in sensor, and the “head tracking” that can change the sound field with the rotation of the head on Beats Fit Pro and Airpods is not equipped on Studio Buds +. If you have a need for this function, you should pay more attention before starting.

Noise canceling experience
The more powerful ANC active noise reduction is a major iteration of Beats Studio Buds +. Audioreview found during the test that the active noise reduction of the new product has indeed been greatly improved, allowing users to “escape into silence” in a noisy environment.
After wearing headphones and turning on the noise reduction mode, we found that thanks to the larger pickup microphone and the new vent design, the noise reduction of Beats Studio Buds + is significantly stronger than that of the previous generation, and it can be used in subway trains, offices, roads, etc. The environmental noise is obviously suppressed, and the contrast before and after noise reduction is extremely significant.
Specifically, Beats Studio Buds + can effectively eliminate low-to-medium frequency continuous noise-such as engine sound, motor sound, tire noise, mechanical operation and other environmental noise. In the noise reduction mode, it can be easily eliminated by reverse sound waves. Therefore, headphones are quite suitable for use in commuting, office and other scenarios.
At the same time, Beats Studio Buds + also supports the “reverse” of the noise reduction mode-transparency mode. In the transparent mode, the headset will actively transmit the external ambient sound to the ear through the pickup microphone, so that it is convenient to hear the ambient noise. It is quite practical in office, meeting, sports and other scenarios. When running in public places, you can use the transparent mode to ensure that external sounds can be heard clearly to ensure safety.
However, we also found that under the current firmware version (2A219), the transparency mode of the headset will have a slightly larger noise floor, that is, the ambient noise heard in the transparency mode will be noisier than the real environment , the sound is a little strange. It is hoped that this problem can be resolved through a firmware update in the future.
Beats Studio Buds + data measurement: iPhone and Android can be connected

Measured weight
Audioreview weighed the Beats Studio Buds + with a high-precision scale. The weight of the single earphone is 5.5g, and the total weight of the earphones on both sides is 11g. Combined with the bean-style ergonomic design, it will not strain the ear when worn in the ear. Come on stress.
Together with the charging box, the overall weight of the Beats Studio Buds + is 59.9g, which is in line with the mainstream level of in-ear TWS headphones.

Charging and battery life
Audioreview used the CHARGERLAB POWER-Z professional tester to test the wired charging of Beats Studio Buds + and found that the wired charging power of Beats Studio Buds + reached 2.0W.
In terms of battery life, the battery life of Beats Studio Buds + is up to 36 hours (active noise reduction is turned off), and the earphone itself can achieve 9 hours of continuous listening. Under daily commuting and sports use, it can basically be charged once a week.

Connectivity Test
Beats said that the new generation of Studio Buds + has been improved in terms of connection stability. In order to test the connection capability of the headset, Audioreview conducted a standardized test for Audioreview to test the wireless connection capability of the headset. The specific method of the test is as follows.
We put an iPhone in a fixed position in the office (the right side of the floor plan), then wear the Beats Studio Buds + connected to the iPhone, and walk along the four routes a, b, c, and d to test the stability of the wireless connection of the headphones . in:
Route a: pass through the office area of colleagues, where there are a large number of wireless devices such as computers, mobile phones, and other wireless headsets working;
b route: through the partition wall and a transparent floor-to-ceiling glass;
c route: the path is close to a straight line, with fewer obstacles during the period;
Route d: passing through the reception room and negotiation area, there are sporadic obstacles, but no electronic signal equipment.
The actual measurement found that during the busy hours of the working day, the Beats Studio Buds + still maintained a stable wireless connection at the end of the four routes, and there were no problems such as stuttering or disconnection during the whole process. The headset has a strong wireless connection capability.

Device Compatibility Test
The new generation of Beats Studio Buds + has been improved for compatibility with Apple and Android devices. In order to test whether it can be smoothly linked with various mainstream mobile phones, we conducted a compatibility test on it.
After using four mobile phones of different brands and different operating systems to connect to Beats Studio Buds +, all four mobile phones can achieve smooth linkage in basic playback and control, and the compatibility is excellent.
Among them, after the iPhone is updated to iOS 16.5, the headphone icon and pop-up window can appear in the system, with the strongest linkage; and different Android and HarmonyOS phones can also control the headphones through the App after the Beats App is installed. However, due to the differences in the systems of each model, the “near connection” function only appears in some Android phones. Therefore, to achieve the most perfect experience, we recommend using Beats headphones with Apple devices.

Audioreview Summary
After two years of hard work, the new generation of Beats Studio Buds + not only adds a transparent design to make the appearance look brand new, but also enhances the active noise reduction and longer battery life. It has reached the latest level, and the optimized and better compatibility has also allowed Beats headphones to benefit more Android users.
Overall, Beats Studio Buds + is a headphone with a lot of money, few shortcomings, and outstanding features-if you like high-quality sound and need active noise reduction, you want to buy it If you want a thousand-yuan true wireless earphones, then Beats Studio Buds + is your first choice.

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