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3 of the Most Classic Marshall Speaker Experience Comparison

Marshall has always been more focused on the field of electric guitar amps in the speaker, has been committed to providing rock lovers with more powerful music enjoyment. In the eyes of many music lovers, Marshall may not be their favorite brand of speakers, but in the eyes of rock lovers, Marshall is the absolute king. I think many friends want to know which Marshall speakers are good, today I bring my personal experience of the three most classic Marshall speakers, after reading you will know how Marshall speakers.


1, Marshall MG10CF speakers

Marshall is a big brand after all, how many years of the classic, the quality is really very good, absolutely worth the price. When you receive something very tightly packed, very meticulous workmanship, speaker shape lightweight, the corners have anti-collision design, buy this audio is mainly for children to practice guitar at home to use. How about Marshall speakers, I can only say that the professional is a professional, practice electric guitar should use Marshall.

This Marshall audio tone is very good, the sound of the practice sound really cool, and is worthy of the big brand, but also to adjust the tone of various flavors, the child practice guitar more active, he felt that his level has grown a lot at once. Of course used to listen to songs is also very good, the sound to give, especially listening to rock music, you can fully rumble metal sound, the whole environment feels manic.

And very importantly, the price is so low this audio actually comes with distortion effects, can meet the basic distortion, even the money saved on effects. I use a single coil pickups, but the noise is really small almost no, very awesome!

2, Marshall MG15GFX speakers

Around a friend bought this Marshall audio, according to him, Marshall is Marshall, the quality of the big brand is really no words, really is a small but all the guts. Because I personally am very fond of rock and metal, I heard this comment and hurriedly borrowed it to play some, I can only say that it is absolutely worth the money.

Personally, I think it’s perfect for friends who are starting to learn guitar to buy, because its sound quality is very good. Don’t listen to people pulling what cost performance to make fancy, clear sound effect is the most awesome, whether it is functional distortion or acoustic, a variety of timbre can bring a very good experience, absolutely beyond expectations.

Like practicing guitar at home this audio is completely adequate, and also comes with the surrounding effects. Power is also very strong, if the sound is opened to the maximum, it is estimated that the whole building can be heard, at most, only open a frame to not disturb people. But if you are really afraid of disturbing others, you can insert headphones ah, this speaker can be connected to the headphones.

3, Marshall MG15CFR speaker

A friend of mine is a professional playing guitar, for the professionalism of the speaker he is still more able to judge, Marshall speakers, anyway, after using this audio his evaluation is: worthy of Marshall, debugging or the golden sound, or Marshall kind of traditional taste, did not let people down, in the thousand-dollar audio performance is absolutely First-class.

My friend has used about three or four different brands of audio, mainly under $400. To say that it comes with distortion effect, it is not very satisfactory, but if you add effects will cause sound pollution, until he met this Marshall audio, there is a feeling of finally found a confidant. The taste of Marshall is really deep-rooted ah, change the individual distortion module can not adjust the unique tone of Marshall box, which is really a bit interesting. The bass is very powerful, adjusting a large will feel the speaker then tremble, midrange and treble is also very clear, you can adjust according to their preferences.

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